Episode 19 - 2020 Keeps Getting Stranger - burst 6


It's amazing. They found this but they couldn't find a turtle intendant scenes. Four. Days. Poses no threat to Earth the center for near Earth Object Studies at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory stressed the space rock as only Zero point four one percent chance of entering the planet's atmosphere even if it did make it that far, it would disintegrate Tutu it small size. So what is this even making the news? You know. So somebody's out there with Tim former head right now scared to death to vote because. Iraq Iraq, not even a boulder is coming towards. Earth. Oh Man, this asteroid is expected to fly between forty, seven, hundred and two, hundred, sixty, thousand miles away from Earth. Travelling at a speed of more than twenty, one, thousand miles prior, it's going faster than that damn tortoise it. Oh Man. Twenty. Twenty eighteen vp one. was. First identified at the Palomar Observatory California in November of two thousand eighteen somebody please please somebody remind Joe Biden asked who the day before the election he's. More than likely going to forget any APP. Oh, goodness. Twenty. Twenty what have you done to us? What else can happen? Goodness is it if you're listening to this podcast, you're still alive and twenty twenty s a conquered you yet. Oh I'm sorry this been a short episode this week, but it's This year keeps getting stranger and until next time I'll see you then

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