More School Talk, A Work Schedule without Childcare, and Our 3rd Anniversary! Ep. 161


Best of both worlds. This is Laura. This is episode one, hundred, Sixty one which is airing right at the beginning of September. We know a number of people have started with school in various forms whether virtual or in person My kids have not yet started up for what will be virtual for at least the first month but have high hopes we will transition to any person said for for most of the kids. Sara you have talked in the past you two to of your kids doing in person private school in one in the virtual public. School. But there's sorts of different modes out there in different solutions that I know a lot of our listeners are adopting in order to do their jobs while managing school that in many cases looks different than it has in the past. What are what are some of the things you're hearing from your colleagues and others who are who doing right now? Will just an interesting email yesterday that I immediately forwarded to a couple of my residents who have kids because. I think I had mentioned either on the Potter my blog I don't remember that are JC was doing like a kind of like a camp for virtual school type of thing where they were going to have the kids kind of in pods with supervision and doing the Public School curriculum supervised with tutors basically The YMCA has now opened up a similar thing and actually our my my healthcare system is a big healthcare system in the area and they're subsidising this. So it's actually really really affordable for residents nurses who are or whoever think it's like a hundred dollars a week or something. Like eight to six care. Get. So that was really really cool option and I could see how you know as long as they keep their room seper that could be as safe as it can get for some people. So that's that's that's helpful. So that people who are central providers because a lot of the people using that would be like nurses and doctors can can get to work and do their job. So that's awesome. There's the pod and there have been so many articles that by the time this airs I'm sure you've all read about the pros and cons of pods but that does seem like it is very popular and I think one interesting thing is the shifted schedule. So our school district is having a two PM to eight PM option and I think their reasons. For that are twofold number one. There are some teachers that have kids, and if the teachers need to supervise their own kids than they need to be doing, they're teaching work at a different time. So this was one way like if a teacher wanted to that, they could supervise their kids in the morning and the new their actual teaching in the evening. And also, for parents, they wanted to get their work in the morning her head to get their work in the morning that they would be able to supervise their kids better in the afternoon I mean that makes for quite a long day, but you could technically I mean if you started at six am eight hours before your kid even started their school day, supervise that whole thing and then get up the next day to start it again sounds superfund but no, if you. If you. Had A partner. I can imagine that being more palatable maybe you could split up the kids parter kind of all time it on on which day, and you had a very interesting blog post. Recently, I thought that detailed away that A. Two Person. Could Alternate things like in a very structured way you want to go into that. So I got an interesting amount of feedback from this not so much in comments on the blog but I heard from people who wanted to share it with other audiences because it just hasn't been spelled out exactly how a split schedule with two working parents. Splitting fifty-fifty could, in fact, work in could give both parties approximately thirty hours a week of focused work time. Mostly during the workday. So none of these like get up at four. I, am and work till I am things which if you have today you have to do but you also wouldn't have to in this sap. So the idea is. that. You have two different shifts on during the workday one is eight to three. And one is one to six, and that is predicated on the idea that it young children who are home are napping from one to three those a rough nap window. We are recording this at two-thirty right genevieve napping and Sarah does not have childcare today. And you know older children could use that time for independent work or for screen time or whatever you wanted to do. The idea is that that is that could be double in terms of the parents. One Parent is on during distraction. So some of their hours are not pure hours but. Mostly, two of them will be able to work anyway. So one party takes eight to three Monday, Wednesday and one to six on Tuesday and Thursday the other party takes one to six on Monday Wednesday and eight to three on Tuesday and Thursday, and then they alternate on Friday who gets eight to three and who gets one to six. So each week it's butts off there and what works out to is then twenty nine hours during the weeks when you have the three one secs shifts and It works out to thirty one hours on the weeks where you have the three, eight, two, three shifts, and the key thing for this to work is that when you are on your job is not just to keep the children safe like being adults present in the house, you are also committing to keeping the children out of your partners office, right so that they can be guaranteed those hours being at eight to one one, the sex or whatever. are focused right like absolutely focused they are not on your they're not dealing with anything, and if you do this that each of you can, in fact, get the twenty five cure focused hours and then between four to six hours each week of. Most likely but could be interrupted because of naptime was or whatever. And both of you would have both some afternoon in some morning hours and so I know that that's an issue that some people be like well, we just split it that she takes the mornings when I take the afternoons. But then what you know, there are some teams that always WanNa meet in the morning because some other person has a different shift of their schedule and so this allows you to occasionally have morning meetings or occasionally have afternoon meetings as the case may be again, this has to be pretty much you are committed to this. You're committing to keeping the kids out of your partners office you can obviously arrange for A. Sub. Credit. On a day, if there was something like you have to pitch a new client, a huge project in the only time they can meet. Tuesday antenna at ten. AM technically Tuesday as the tae that you work on the sex like probably you could arrange with your spouse to get a sub credit that you would make it up for that person at another point but. You WanNa. Have that be relatively infrequently but you know working twenty nine or thirty hours a week with no pay childcare

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