New York's Barclays Center Gearing Up To Be Safe Place To Vote In 2020 Election


Madison Square Garden as a polling place this election day concern of course of voting November 3rd in person that smaller areas that have been used for decades like schools or libraries. Are they safe enough to welcome what's expected to be a large turnout. The Barkley center says they're going to step in and help safely accommodate tens of thousands announcing an agreement with the Board of Elections. John Abbott Mandy of Barclays says they're happy to use the facility that's been shuttered for months. It's also obviously been in the gathering place for people in our community to come together and share their points of view on momentous issues of the day, So we think it's only appropriate that Barclay Center will also become very centrally located Voting center early voting and voting on Election day itself. Early voting October 24th till November 1st for a president Eric Adams space where best to entertain is now going to be a place where we're going to entertain the possibility of choosing the next president of the United States when Shaq 10 10

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