Samsungs Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G: All the details on the $2,000 foldable

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Just large galaxy. No twenty three weeks ago. Now it's time for the Godsey full to five Jeez chance to shine. That is a mouthful brought her Chang, and this is your daily charge. Joining me is he not reporter and Samson expert tooken extra me Machar, thanks for having me. So the gutsy full to five G. and that is a really really long name. I'm just GONNA. Keep that point. It got a minor tease at Samsung's event a few back but now it gets the spotlight to itself. So just before we get into all the specs in all the other details, let's let's get the important that other way how much does this thing cost? So in the US is going to cost two thousand dollars. So basically, it's twenty dollars more than last year's model. So it's a lot of money. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That does a huge amount of money. All right. Well, this is. This is a foldable and I get the full supposed to be expensive and it is Simpson's third foldable annexed assessor to last year's fold, which famously had allowed durability issues. So what's different about? Full to in what did Samsung do to make sure this phone holds up What we saw with the flip that they had this spring was that they really had addressed a lot of the issues that the first fold had. So they dealt with the problems with the hinge kind of the crease all of the things that people were complaining about they fix those We're GONNA see a lot of those improvements in the new Z. Fold to as well as. A few like updates from the flip earlier this year. So they've redesigned the hinge and it's the same as what we saw in the flip. So you can have it. You can rest the phone kind of you know at a eighty degree angle or whatever you know set it on your table. They also have these brushes inside the hinge. So in this, they had those earlier, but this is kind of the latest greatest version of those basically to kind of mixture, dust doesn't get in the device or you know whatever is in your purse when you wrote this in there. So they, they've done those sorts of things to address a lot of those issues that we saw last year got in in case God forbid something does happen phone are there any special warranty programs or anything they're doing to kind of make sure that folks peace of mind that spending two thousand dollars on something we're kind of seeing the same sort of offers that they had before were. They'll replace the off the. Screen like a one time replacement for around one fifty. So it's less than if you had to go replace the screen on your own. So that's the sort of thing to kind of try to make it. More. Realistic. Well, if the screen breaks I'm not going to have to pay two thousand dollars to get a new phone I can pay one fifty that replaced the screen and it'll be like new again. No let's about how this differs from the previous model obviously. There's a five gene, the name. So clearly will have five, the Axis. But how much five G. is we've talked about in previous episodes you there's different flavors of it. Right so how much access does this phone actually get on the five networks? On this phone basically is all of the five G. networks like this is a really or at least the major ones that we're using right now this is a very big advance over the folds in terms of a lot of things there's five G.. One of the biggest complaints about the first fold was the tiny screen on the front of the device. It wasn't really useful enough to actually use. The fold as a phone people were tending to just automatically have to open it and use kind of that bigger tablet size screen. So what they've got this time is a screen on the front that stretches across the entire front of the device and it just makes it look last year. It's more useful. So I think people will up using this more when it's closed, not just always having to open it. Yet with the five G., we have a five G. model at all last year for the fold in the US. So this time you know five jeep bigger screen. A lot of things that just make this more attractive and the other a features or bells and whistles that. Help this phone stand apart from his predecessor. Another big thing it's kind of that flex. Mod is what they call it. So that's what we saw I with the flip where you could set the device on the table and the screen will stay open in you know whatever degree you put it in. We're seeing that with this one as well. So they're saying, yeah, you can set it up for like shooting You know a video or whatever or you know or if you're watching something or whatever you can just basically has a built in that's the screen and the device itself So you know that's a big thing that I think people really like that was kind of a cool thing that came with the flip. So. That's one of the bigger changes that they kind of also made some good camera changes with this Basically, they addressed the biggest complaints that everyone had with last year's device and fix those in this one aside from the fact that it's still a two thousand dollar phone. You asked him we were on we talked about the the narrow sliver of customers who are willing to buy a thousand dollar note twenty now this is. A two thousand dollar phone I know it's foldable but. Questions about how useful that is who is Samsung actually targeting with this particular phone Samsung. Is actually targeting note owners with this phone. They found that the people who would traditionally gravitate towards the note lineup. Kind of those early adopters who want the latest greatest tech are willing to spend a lot of money to get a flashy device to get a bigger device and. They're finding that people who were buying the fold are a lot of people who have bought the note in the past or still do the notes It's the way they distinguish the flip and the full term. Each other is they see the flip is this sort of like. Cute. Phone that becomes smaller and put. You can put it in your pocket and it's more of kind of. Everyday lifestyle device and they see the folds as really kind of letting you transition from a phone to a tablet like get more done doing more with multitasking and access different APPS like Microsoft Office. You know things that you would do on a tablet but now you also have an inconvenience of the fact that is also your phone right and then you mentioned MC sophism I'm just curious in your. Demos with this device, how like whether they showed off how you use after how took advantage of this bigger screen? Well, they've kind of had this thing since the first generation of fold where it's called continuity where you could start an APP on the front and then open, it will open at work in the bigger screen and pick up where it left off the issue was there were not ten of APPs that took advantage of it I hope that we start to see more apps soon that work with it. kind of sense than. Samsung has been working more closely with Google and Microsoft and Youtube an office and things like that, and then there's that flex MoD. Also where APPs could you could maybe have you can take like a screen shot of something in an APP over here and then drag it to another APP on another part of your screen more with multitasking. So letting you have multiple APPs open at once is a big thing with the fold You know kind of more of that tablets sort of experience instead of just a phone experience. Give everything that's going on. We're still in the middle of pandemic a still dealing with the recession with millions unemployed. What do you think about Samsung unveiling a phone at this price point? It's kind of the same situation that we saw the note where people who? Would want to buy. This are probably people who were not hurt financially by what's going on right now because they're not traveling, they're not going out to dinners they're not going out to bars. Some people are probably saving money right now and they may see, hey, this is a lot flashier device from what was last year. It. Sampson's had a year to work out the kinks. Maybe this is worth investing in. The two thousand dollars is not unrealistic based on what is actually going into the device is just kind of a question of individual people have to decide if they're willing to pay two thousand dollars, but we have to remember this technology is still really early like foldable screens. This is basically just the second year first full year of seem devices with these. So it's not like these have. been around forever like like regular led displays Five G. is brand new. That is also expensive it adds cost to a device. So you know it's just kind of what you're willing to do but then you know as we've talked before, there's kind of factor of with foldable. You get these because you want people to see them. It's kind of how like iphones used to be like. The newest generations had to have some sort of little tweaks to make it. Make people know that you have the newest device, not that s off your device or whatever that you didn't buy like a two year old phone or year old bound. So it's the same sort of thing with this with you know when people are out using a foldable people, stop them ask what is that? Can I see what is and right now you really don't want anybody close enough to you to touch your phone or see it or or even be out that much to have people see it. So you know it's kind of the whole if you're in it just for the flash flashing aspect is probably not worth it but if you're in it because you want a device that transitions from phone to tablet. It would be attractive for people and thinks, lastly, I heard this phone grants some unusual perks what do you actually get with this phone? So it seems has this sort of VIP program for the folds and you get a membership with it. It's kind of unclear how this actually work works. They said there'll be some benefits like six months free of of this like premium fitness workout system like fifty dollars off like a hare service, six months of free of linked premium. Free Golf membership you know a Michelin Star meal that you can get delivered to your home It's it's a bunch of things where it's like. Okay like you know, I don't know how much people take these and the other thing is they said that these are going to be coming to people who bought the previous fold people who bought the flip. So it's not like you have to buy the new fold to take advantage of this if you really want access to whatever these things are under hoping to add more benefits We'll have to see same is actually done this for a long time with its phones. It'll have like when you buy the new galaxy whatever you get. Six months free of dropbox and you get premium bird blah blah. Blah. So it's not that unusual for them to have kind of bundled promotional partnership deals with their device but these are kind of bigger and more like real world things. You just have you know premium flip board on your phone. Clearly geared towards towards a different customer segment. Than just premium clipboard. People. Who have two thousand dollars to spend not exactly well, thanks for your time Shara. If you have any questions about the full to his up on twitter at the daily charge, you create coverage on the phone announcing dot com the charge. Roger. Chan next listening.

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