New York City mayor says in-class school instruction will be delayed to allow extra prep time for teachers


The specter of Corona virus weighs heavily on schools now open during the pandemic. More on this from CBS's Laura Podesta, the head of the president's Corona virus Task force. Dr Deborah Burkes now says college students who've tested positive should stay at school. Please do not go home. And spread the virus to your mom or your dad or your aunts and your uncles in K through 12 schools. First day jitters takes on new meaning for students and their parents like these in Philadelphia, comfortable think I noted the school. Everything presented Children as much as possible. I feel like you have a good day. Once they get going to feign teachers here in New York City are threatening to strike over concerns. The schools aren't doing enough to protect them. And again just a little while ago, we did get that urgent out of New York from The Associated Press. Mayor Bill de Blasio says New York City is delaying sending students back to the classrooms in the nation's biggest public school system. He said that in class school instruction that was supposed to begin on September 10th will be delayed until September. 16 so not, you know, that's what is that almost a week? To allow extra prep time for the teachers, he says. All students will spend the first few days learning from home by computer before in person. Instruction begins for some students on September

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