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One man is dead in Portland after a not so peaceful protest. I'm an Carrick Fox News. The fatal shot follows clashes between supporters of President Trump and Black Lives matter. Supporters mayor of Portland, Oregon. Ted Wheeler, for those of you saying on Twitter. This morning that you plan to come to Portland to seek retribution. I'm calling on you to stay away. You, of course, have a constitutional right to be here, but we're asking you to stay away. Joe Gibson, founder of the right wing group, Patriot Prayer, says the victim was a supporter of the group President Trump once again using law and order for his campaign, as he did in 2016, with so much civil unrest and violence. Some are suggesting the president failed to deliver local law enforcement First Line of defense state law enforcement if both of those fail Obviously the federal government can step in, and we need that. So we need that request from the state governors. Many of them have requested that on again, and when we go back to Portland way, see exactly how not to protect your communities. It's a case study on the wrong way to do this 90 days of continued violence. Acting U. S Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf on ABC is this week the office of the director of National Intelligence no longer will give in person briefings. About election security and foreign election interference to the House and Senate Select committees on intelligence. U. S Senator Amy Klobuchar, reacting on ABC is this week. I think the house is gonna have to subpoena the director of intelligence in order to get information, which is crazy. We are just a few months out of a major election. And I have already experienced this White House blocking my bipartisan election security bill, which would have helped us years ago to beef up our efforts. The committee still have Says to written, finished intelligence reports. America's listening

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