Zoom stock surge beats even most optimistic forecasts



Shares of zoom video accompany that went public in April of twenty, nine, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty, six, dollars a share. The stock is now at four, hundred, fifty dollars a share. Yes what can I add? This is we were discussing whether this quarter. is in the hall of fame of for a publicly traded stock quarters or whether it's just goes straight to mount rushmore as one of the very elite. perhaps only four of all time I'd I'd like to know what others earned the competition for this, and it probably comes as little surprise that obviously in the April may June or or sorry May June July. Quarter this company grew tremendously, but to have grown from doing a reasonable amount of forty, five million in revenue a year ago for the quarter to six, hundred, sixty, three, you know that's one of the reasons six, hundred, sixty, three, million for the core. That, this is a hundred billion dollar company already.

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