Mescalero Apache officials praise COVID-19 response, urge residents to stay vigilant


The National Native News Antonio Gonzales officials of the Mescalero Apache tribe in new. Mexico are asking tribal citizens to remain vigilant and taking Cova nineteen precautions as more state restrictions begin to left Mescalero Apache President Gabe Aguilar in a video message to residents on the reservation says the tribe and its citizens have done well following tribal health and safety measures tribe has learned how To react when we receive a new case, you know when this first started to hear people test positive one, two or three. We kind of got a little frantic. We kinda got low excited know how are we GONNA do? How are we going that we? Really? Didn't know how to to take care of individuals that are positive. But now. Here we got one case. We just know what we gotta do. We know our job we move forward we isolate individuals. And then we we actually get them help for food water and We get them all checked in contact tracing Aguilar says, the tribe has not had many new cases in recent weeks adding it's not time to let the guard down in July the tribe close the reservation and some businesses after positive Cova nineteen cases nearly doubled a matter of days since testing began in March the lockdown lasted fourteen days and was lifted a few hours early after tribal officials deemed the response successful as a Monday officials say there are four active positive cove in nineteen cases in quarantine, and there have been a total of sixty seven positive cases on the reservation. And, indigenous lead twelve hour virtual voter registration drive was held over the weekend a coalition of Twenty six native groups organized the radicalized the vote event which included a number of speakers, dance and drum groups, individual artists, community leaders, and culture bearers from across the country elder and native advocate. Eighth Spotted Eagle talked about using voting powers to enhance tribal communities protect native ways of live spotted Eagle talked about her run for office in South Dakota which she did not win but says was still impactful with the registration of sixteen hundred native people. We actually had influence in the county vote. I could have one but winning wasn't important. We won by representation by showing up have executive agency and actually working together because on the night of the vote, the people were calling and they were saying, we have not seen at many Indian cars pulling up to the voting place that made me feel like we did win we did win after all. So we're making our story stronger. We have had so many have nots but now is the day that would this self agency where moving to get away with the colonial concept is to embrace and replace. So. If you do not show up to vote, you have been erased. And another vote is going to replace you the twelve hour lineup promoted getting out the native vote in twenty twenty and also to increase political engagement of native people for years to come. Cove nineteen has added Challenges for native communities including halting in-person outreach efforts. The radicalized the native vote online campaign includes a portal where users can their voter information and network with other indigenous people this election year. The Rapid City Journal reports and impeachment hearing will take place on the Pine Ridge reservation in. South Dakota for lawless Sioux Tribal President Julian bear runner over allegations. He had inappropriate contact with a seventeen year old bear renner not comment to the newspaper. The hearing is set for September fourteenth. The council reportedly voted in August to suspend the president and hold an impeachment hearing. I'm Antonio

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