New York Police Dept. Unveils New Disciplinary Matrix For Officers Accused Of Violating Department Policies


The NYPD has unveiled a draft of Ah, discipline matrix to guide punishment decisions. And it's an internal disciplinary system. This comes at a time on law enforcement agencies are being pressured to beam or transparent about Officer discipline. Police Commissioner Dermot Shea says. The discipline matrix fulfills one of the last recommendations from a panel and criminal justice experts. That former police Commissioner O'Neill at most a couple of years ago to examine the department's disciplinary process, as well as a pledge from the mayor's to address social justice issues. Will you look at the Obama pledged in many of the The concerns and the blue ribbon panel. There's a There's a tremendous amount of overlap here, and the good news is that Met many of the items that it contained in the pledge. We've been committed to do it for several years now. He says they're now asking for public comment over the next 30 days.

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