The Right Way (and the Wrong Way) to Ask for Reviews

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Welcome to another episode of Marketing School I'm Eric Su and I'm Neil Patel and today we're GonNa talk about the right way and the wrong way to ask for reviews. But first we're talking about asking for us what kind of websites are we referring to I'm assuming we're talking about YELP G to Capterra decides the websites. Well. First off it just hit me I. Think we're almost four years into this podcast. We are. Oh, we're almost at fifteen hundred. We are four years into it as of this recording. Right it's crazy. Thinking about that. All right. So the reason reviews are important is If you do reviews happy for your anniversary Yay. If you get reviews. See back in the day when Amazon was I doing e commerce people buying products on Amazon and then Jeff Basil's was like Yeah I want to let people review them why you WanNa let them review it. He's like whatever Chris the best experience is what's going to help me win in the long run. And that was right and then reviews weren't just used for e contract started being used for to be services software literally anything that you can think of. and. The reviews are effective is look as humans. We all make mistakes aren't perfect but ones if you when you spend your dollar or your pound or your ruby or whatever currency using. If you can make sure you're getting what you want, and that's what reviews do. They don't guarantee that you're getting what you spend your money on, but it increases the chances that you're getting what you want when you spend your money. Yup I'm just GonNa give some real life examples where I just remember I got a good experience or a bad experience I. Remember one time post made. Using deliver rouw whatever door dash, wherever you dear food deliver UBEREATS, whatever. So Post mates delivered something to me and the guy sent me this really long text afterwards like you know gas is really expensive and it's really hard to drive to you and all that and he's like, give me this entire story. I really appreciate if you leave a five star review and also give me a tip as well. It looked like it was a can message and it just was not a good experience. Afterwards, that is a wrong way. DASS reviews a right way I remember afterwards I bought a product and then there was a card it only asked for review but gave me something else as well. So it sort of is me to write through and say, Hey, no pressure at all. But if you leave a review, it'd be. Really. Helpful for us and just please be honest and also by the way, here's another bonus for you. So they didn't need to do that and it was really optional and they kept it lighthearted that actually may be wanting to do it because if you look at whatever have online yelp or whatever. I, usually don't write reviews but if I'm compelled to do it because I felt incentivize do it in essence is. Getting at is the right way is to help people and do what's best for them. You can always do the soft ass but the wrong way is bribery and saying, write a good review and I'll give you this and you see some companies doing that it's just not genuine and don't look at reviews as off I get more five star reviews than people are going to buy from me well, if you're faking. The reviews in your incentivizing people in the wrong way, what's going to happen is you'll get the high reviews temporarily but then event, you'll keep getting negative views as well or you want people to just leave real reviews and when the leave bad reviews figure out how you can improve your parked or experience or your service. So that way in the future people nationally way better reviews which will naturally increase your sales. You might as well ask for the real feedback can you give me some honest feedback whether it's to stars four stars, five stars whatever because it helps make you better what I found from one of my friends restaurants is that they're yelp just started exploiting with reviews because they just kept getting better and better and they kept driving an amazing experience. The food was amazing. Experience was amazing. Amazing to be there and boom. It was four and a half stars and hundreds of reviews right if you can do that cut into what Neil was saying earlier with Jeff, bezos obsess over the customer and you drive a good experience you're for sure gonNA. Get Good Reviews

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