The Murder of Racing Legend Mickey Thompson

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It's Mickey Thompson Time. I'm. Pumped. Islam. Dive welcome back to pass gas everybody I am your host Nolan Sykes as always joined by the other host of the show. Got James pump free mustard on a beat. That's right. Going through your new, your new catchphrases definitely yours no one else's and puck that big MAC truck inside my little garage. and Joe Weber flared up also wink wink nation and what's. Keep it use. Keep it. You bitches juice keep it juice. Joe You had to postpone good staff. Make. Good. Gory non-appropriation Mega. Like. That's your thing. Okay. That's the alike. A love that. May encounter that how that? All right. So what are you? What are you guys? Familiar, rather you guys with Mickey? Thompson? I know that he makes the tires the drag boys. Does he make? Did they make off road tires? and then I, know that he had a gold mine. Well really actual, Gold Mine at some point. Yeah I don't know about that because wasn't he the one who went and like. got smokey eunuch in a gold mining. Maybe. I remember smokey had one but that sounds vaguely familiar thompson who who like got smokey into the into the game I. Believe I haven't heard of any of this. So I'm excited to dive into this and I. Always feel. That way. But this one is like, I should have known about this dude there are no google results for Mickey, Thompson Gold Mine but that you know maybe it's true we have to go find Mickey Thompson's gold. City slickers to. All right So let's just get into it. Mickey Thompson was born Marian Lee. Thompson Junior on December seventh nineteen twenty eight in San Fernando California. He went by Mickey and not marrying because in his own words quote a girl's name would mean even more fighting. I do like the name Marian it's pretty cool. Yeah. Like that, he said even more five eighty. We'll see. Yeah, he. Likes to get into it the San Fernando Valley home to Ventura. Boulevard and Mulholland. Drive was a fitting birthplace for a kid who would become defined by hot rods and dragsters. The valley is one of the original cradles of Car Culture I. I will say it still is today it's very like I went to see us you northridge up there in the valley and it is a muscle car town everyone drives either a charger challenger Camaro or Mustang it's pretty cool. I haven't met many people from the Valley with a valley accent most liked. Girls and Valley boys that I've talked to are from like Hollywood and Venice specifically. Venice. But never really never never from the valley there's I. Mean there's a lot of people. See us you northridge is a commuter school. There's a lot of people from that area that go there and I never really heard that typical valley you know yeah, I think it's kind of a pass a kind of thing. Now it was big at a time I. Don't think it's as big anymore you gotta meet some people from Venice. It's very much alive while not Nevada is on saying I think that the the new thing is. Not New but like the the big vocal fad was the vocal fry God. Yeah. Dashing vocal. John. We Sold our show got. Because we have less views per episode than Donut does perfect. Indirectly, Kris Kardashian directly sourced us. Did you see that onion article that was like the show ends when I wanted to? Rise into, the ocean. I will say Kendall Jenner Architecture Digest open-door episode is pretty cool. She's got a cool house and that's all say on that that rich girl has a cool how it's not just a cool house James. There's a difference like if you watch those videos, there's like real people houses and then there's there's rich people houses with no taste and then as rich. People houses with actual taste and define style, Kendall Jenner, and then Mark Mark. Ronson Mark Ronson Mark Ronson is the best very cool. House is not annoying at all I would like to hang out with Mark Ronson I. Don't know much about a hundred percent want to go to that house hundred percent did anyway that's that's our only Hollywood digression for the episode. California's on fire right now guys so much so that I got gotta check engine light yesterday because I was putting on the new intake, my car, and then like I stopped because I needed another tool and then I put my older back together. But I didn't tighten the thing for the math enough and I just sucked in a bunch of ashish and it like Oh. No. Covered my maths I have a math cleaner if you need it. I had a check engine light a few days ago. Was not fire related. It just turns out that when my coil packs was bad and I had to change it out and not fixed it. So I'm pretty happy. It didn't take long to discover his love for both driving and working on cars and age. Twelve Mickey and his dad entered a soapbox Derby Mickey's first race also became his first car modding experience

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