Injured Broncos looking for their first win of the season


There's a lot of narrative on this team right now that there's no way they can survive all of this. So this, But despite all the injuries, what gives you optimism that the Broncos could get their first win of the season today? Well, Brady being 43 years old, you know, watched both of his games and he hasn't looked great. Hey, kind of looks a bit like a 43 year old quarterback. At this point, Denver is really tough to beat at home. Brady is a losing record against the Broncos. In fact, Denver's the only team in the league. He still has a losing record against, but you know the Broncos we just way overdue to get some breaks. Let's face it. They got to get some bounces go their way. If that happens today, this could be the day So I'm optimistic as you can tell going into this game today. It took me about a whole week of game for up to get to this point, but I'm feeling optimistic here. Before the kick off. I think we could all use a little bit of optimism. Really? Always good man. Thank you. All right, man. Thank you. Ron I Rick Lewis, color analyst for the Denver Broncos Live from in power field at

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