A Debate of Few Completed Sentences


Plenty plenty of of insults insults and and very very few few completed completed sentences sentences load load and and let let your your senators senators know know how how you feel. Let's vote now pack. Take sure you in fact, let people know where Senator I'm not going to answer. The question answered that because to question the question is yes. So left. Would you sure? There you go. The quote of the night President Trump and Joe Biden repeatedly talking over each other. The moderator Chris Wallace, losing control early. In one point, Trump accused Biden sons, Hunter of getting $3.5 Million from the wife of the Moscow mayor. That is true, really. President is resident plays totally discredited. Totally discredited. And by the way, way, billion dollars? Yeah. Best advice. You get your president dollars. That is not true. Really, Mr President misuse, it said it's an open discussion, please. All right. A lot of people calling this the worst presidential debate in history. Let's bring in NBC radio National correspondent Bill Zimpfer to get his insights. Certainly a very different debate than one were usedto watching. You have to say the least, hear, Joe. In fact, one CNN commentator had a little more colorful term for it, calling it an s show. Ah, it certainly wass something that we we kind of expected here because we weren't sure what was gonna happen. We knew that President Trump with would go on the attack on Joe Biden. But I don't think anybody expected anything like this that saw President Trump interrupt. Joe Biden dozens of times even interrupted the moderator Chris Wallace, who, as you say, had trouble even keeping control here. Now, if you look at both sides here, Joe Biden's top priority in this debate wass up to look sharp, right? The questions about his mental acuity going in raised by President Trump, mainly and I think he passed the test there. And he also handled this format better as much as he could have and handled the cameras better at times looking squarely into the camera, talking to the American people, rather than talking to President Trump or the moderator. The president did not do that as well on the president's side, Joe, I think the president's lack of preparation showed. Ah, he did not have specifics when he needed to have specifics. Any missed opportunities, mainly when it came to a point where the president said that he has done more in his administration than any other in their first four years. Okay, that door was open. Let's hear about it. Instead, he pivoted to impeachment hoaxes, Hillary Clinton and talked about the record number of judges. That he has appointed. I don't think the average American person cares about the number of judges that a president has appointed here. Joe Biden. On the other hand, I think, laid it out rather quickly here when he says that under Trump, we are weaker, sicker. Poorer, more divided and more violent. It's kind of something's up. Thank you. Bill,

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