Chris Wallace surprised by wildness of the first presidential debate


Wallace says I'm surprised what happened. Yeah, OK, good for you. In the meantime, he waas there is well, you lose a hand or Yeah, and I think he was genuinely surprised that it was. It was just Well as we all know, I mean, the whole nations talking about it was just a train wreck. Yeah, it doesn't matter what side you're on. It was just interesting to look at our Facebook post tio facebook dot com Forward slash T J V show Some of the comments that were made you posted some things. Some other folks posted some things and there was this rather was. I think most of the comments were a trump kind of And there were a few that were thought It was as we did kind of a disgrace. Disgusting, distracting, deliberative whenever you remember a single question getting answered by either candidate I couldn't tell you one definitive answer again. The state of Affairs, the rial, the state of affairs in our country, no matter how can you like this? If you think what do you think's going to get done? The circumstances in Rod Trump all you want, but what you have done over the past four years. Yeah, There have been some good things I've, you know, Philosophic. We have more in tune with him, and it would be certainly with the camera Harris and you know Biden's kind of a centrist, but it's the way it gets done. It's not. It just isn't the marrying. I mean, I have. We have trump supporting friends and family members who thought he was disgraceful and they're still going to vote for him. But I don't understand how anyone could say, Rah rah after watching that he was the least presidential president we've ever had.

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