Apocalyptic Battle for Take-Out Dollars: Uber Eats Pits Star Wars against Star Trek


A. From wondering David Brown and this is business wars daily on this Wednesday September thirtieth. It's hardly a stretch to say that the pandemic has been delivery services, best friend, take-out meals, or so much more attractive when we're avoiding other people that's meant a surge in revenue for leaders and Hungary rivals Uber Eats and door dash in the second quarter ubereats. Gross delivery bookings totaled almost seven billion dollars a jump of well over one hundred percent from q one. Before we all started eating in as a privately held company door dashes keeping a lot of data to itself but the number of people using dash doubled from ten million last year to twenty million now according to research firm Emarketer. Possibly, to Ubereats Chagrin Jordache became so ubiquitous that it was responsible for more than half of all US meal delivery in April. Wow. That's according to market researcher. Edison Trans last week linked in named DOOR DASH number two on its list of top fifty startups based in part on exuberant hiring plans. The companies expected to go public by the end of the year Uber eats holds about thirty percent of US market share despite their rapid growth neither door dash nor ubereats has yet turned a profit chew on. Then these rivals are employing ever more creative marketing strategies in their efforts to. Become or remain top takeout dog ubereats constructed a quirky ad campaign that celebrates competition itself a sort of Meta Mezei the latest ads featuring unusual rivalry between get this star wars and star Trek. They star none other than Mark Hamill Luke skywalker in star wars and Sir. Patrick Stewart's Star Trek's Captain John Luc Picard they compete ferociously almost grimly in games of air hockey and connect for. But when an uber driver delivers a delectable dish, each breaks the foreboding mood to politely thanked the driver in this Ad. Stewart. Armed with Cricket Bat and Hamill carrying a baseball bat in a dark empty warehouse. Tonight. I'll be eating a Veggie cheeseburger. On Shibata. No tomatoes. Tonight I'll be eating four cheese. Tortellini. With extra tomorrow. Tony. Stewart so it's come to the. Thank you. Proper. Part of what makes the spot? So amusing is that the argument tomato tomato is, of course from the classic George Gershwin. Song, let's call the whole thing off. But of course, neither UBER EATS NOR DOOR DASH is planning to call the whole thing off quite the opposite if takeout became essential in March, it's remaining. So in could see even more growth this winter, a second wave of the virus causes more lockdowns. In Uber Eats case, the company says the campaign celebrating rivalries already been a huge success in Australia Taiwan Japan, where it launched last year and ad featuring Kim Kardashian and a fictional Australian character pushed uber eats brand awareness in Australia two levels quote on par with McDonnell's the company told Ad Week the new Stewart Hamill Lads bring the campaign to the US in Canada but whether the cleverness of ubereats his ad campaign can steal away

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