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Biden wants he kept him. One thing he did is he kept him. He. Kept Him. Off his feet. So he wasn't able to sort of reestablish himself. You saw him devolve into he's a liar he's a liar you know sort of dissemble a bit. During the perform his performance. But you also had. President trump well, contest Biden's policies versus president. Trump's policies. beat the crap out of Biden on his record. So WanNa good things. It was through what sounded like Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon. Bickering? In some of the scenes from grumpy old men but generally speaking president trump did in fact, he was in fact perceived as the winner by people who were not committed to one team or another team I have Julie Kelley on the phone to talk about some of the other problems with the debate last night she writes for American greatness at am am greatness dot Com Julie Welcome to the program. Hi Vicki. Thanks for having you bet, and the main problem with the debate was that president trump was debating to people and that was obvious it was. So obvious it was infuriating. And so I think that kept president trump off his game. Because he needed to debunk a lot of the is and the lies that were being peddled by both Chris Wallace and Joe Biden last night and while I think he did a generally okay job. There are a lot of there's a lot of live that is out there and that's now. President trump is reliant on us to correct the record. Write as usual and you're right I mean Donald Trump was debating a frankly he was mostly debating Chris Wallace Joe Biden was sort of a you know a bystander there Chris Wallace and Donald Trump have a long history. They just played an old clip from a convention maybe twenty years ago. So Christmas is hostility towards Donald Trump goes back. Decades it's funny Vicky. You Know Joe Biden refuses to do a sit down interview with Chris Wallace even though he requests one every single week. But here he was handling him with kid gloves one after another you know respectfully Mr. Vice President. You know while he sincerely shutting down Donald Trump's when he's trying to react to very flies over being told. Donald Trump. Mistake was was not letting joe by finish because Joe. Biden was rambling couldn't keep his train of thought. You know his figures were all over the place and Donald Trump would have been better off just letting him sort of ramble. I think I think I think that's true. I think what they would his debate prep team probably told him was don't let Biden do to you what he did to Paul Ryan. And when Paul Ryan would respectfully let the press let the vice president finish it ended up making Ryan looked like he didn't. He didn't have a he had no gravy tosses they say, right it looked like it looked like Biden had his way with them in the debate and I think I think team trump said, keep him off his feet the whole time. Well, I agree with you though because keeping Joe Biden Office feet years ago, might have been a better strategy and letting Joe Biden Stumble and fall over himself would have been better strategy this time around but but just the same there were some really offensive things that took place last night a lot of them were courtesy of Chris Wallace. The CHARLOTTESVILLE very fine people hoax. Honestly. How many different ways? How many different times? How many different contortions we have to go through before people stop pedalling that lie president trump didn't call white supremacists very fine people the idea that last night on stage he didn't denounced white supremacy why he was required to I don't know but the idea that he didn't do it onstage last night for the ninth time is also Baloney. But of course, that was the headlines it was it was that kind of stuff that was very frustrating to me. The inject. Lie It was that stuff that I saw he could've batted out of the park and he didn't really even address. I agree with you there and you know with the old debate strategy of it's. Like you're saying kind of try to keep Joe Biden off of the seat, which is easy but also using every opportunity to pivot back to your message, and that is something that the president did not successfully do when he was interrupting. He I think he would have been better off going back to his strong point. You know the economy I would have liked to have seen him challenge Joe Biden on all the lies he tells on the campaign trail about the president's response to Corona virus. How the economy now is coming back So but instead of just kinda devolve into this shouting match. Joe Biden tying the president shut up and that he's a liar and a clown. Sorts of really out of AL comments that Chris Lawless at one point last along with Jill Biden as president. So Joe Chris Violence really was the loser of the debate I hope that there is another debate they're kinda pulling what they pull in two thousand Sixteen Hillary Clinton shouldn't legitimize donald trump with another debate performance. But hopefully, team trump is points to take some some lessons from this debate.

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