Money News: Tom Busby


Of optimism on Wall Street this morning on signs that progress is being made. And hopes that lawmakers will reach some kind of consensus on another Corona virus stimulus package that push stocks higher Wednesday and we talks slated to continue today. Down futures now up 225 points. But job cuts are weighing on investors, American and United will lay off a combined 32,000 workers today. Allstate insurance cutting 3800 jobs just out attorneys beat from Pepsico for last quarter. That's thanks. The sales of sodas, Frieda lay snacks and Quaker roads products. Thumbs up from the head of the FAA who piloted a test flight of the revamped Boeing 7 37 Maxjet. He called it productive and said the agency is now in the quote homestretch of its review. That jet has been grounded worldwide since March of last year after two crashes. And it'll cost you more to fill up in the garden state Starting today, New Jersey's gas tax up more than nine cents a gallon with money news from Bloomberg on K Y w I'm Tom Busby. All right.

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