156: FREE SAT and ACT Test Prep Materials


FREE SAT and act test prep materials. That's we're talking about in today's code college is expensive, but there is financial help available. You just need to know where to find it with her experience in helping her son when more than seven hundred thousand dollars in scholarship money, Pam Andrews shares advice that helps high school students get into their dream college and secure scholarships that will pay for it, parents and deans. This is your place to gain practical easy to follow advice on the college process as. Well as tips from pass scholarship winners, and now here's your host of the Scholarship Shark podcast Pam Andrews Welcome back to another episode of the scholarship. Shark podcast. I'm Pam Andrews your host, and this episode I'm going to talk about a few free resources for your students to use to practice and prepare for upcoming, sat and act test. So let's start with the SAT. So the makers of the sat the College Board offer a few free resources they have the free question of the day. And they have sample practice tests and And then they have one free full length practice test. You can get to that by going to their website at College Board Dot Org, and I'll have all the links and the show notes. And doing those practice questions are really good. It's a great way to start your day. Just got a practice question today and I always recommend a full length practice test diagnostics tests because that gives you a good baseline and it also helps with muscle memory. You know when you're sitting there working through a test practicing test, your student can get a feel for what it feels like to sit through a three three and a half hour exam. So start with the full of the full length practice test and go from there. Now, the the College Board has partnered with Khan. Academy. and. I will have that Lincoln. The show notes as well where you can or your student can do videos and lessons. Self paced lessons to help them practice and prepare for the SAT. So that's I, the the biggest or the best resource that I recommend provide another one as well. But I really liked that free Khan Academy our resource for students who kind of do it on their own and need a free option. Now the makers of the act. So the Act Organization also provides practice questions for each texts. Test section and users can download a PDF with practice questions for preparing for the

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