Long live the Queen: We say goodbye to a big chunk of the passenger 747 fleet


In the last episode Jason said. Go What did I say you said that you could still fly on a British Airways seven, four seven at the time that I said it that was a true statement. And it was a true statement for all of seventy two hours. Then British Airways said, no, you can't. No, you can't they're gone. They're gone effective immediately and we will never fly again. We don't even know if they're going to get any sort of official sendoff for celebration or anything do the at calm rumors necessarily but kind of scuttle. But around the water cooler such as it is says that they are not inclined to participate in any sort of send off because of the current climate they find themselves in. Well. That is just extremely on physician by I think more. So than any other airliner, even really any other aircraft and I know people are going to argue in bicker about this. And L. means emails. Two four DOT com. When I, think of British Airways I think of the seven four, seven I think of the seven four, seven, I think of British Airways the two are intrinsically linked. To imagine a British Airways were about seven, four seven is really difficult for me. Yeah. It's. It's of those things that You know there was a couple. Are a couple lines that you immediately associate the seven, four seven with an obviously the the first and foremost him just because of the history there. But then when when you kind of think of like the top three or four airlines, I, immediately think British Airways KLM. And the. KLM has already retired or I think mostly retired. So they have to serving in in cargo capacity to combat serving cargo Carl only capacity. But but yeah, they're not flying passengers and yeah and KLM only had a few towards the later days but British Airways a significant chunk of its widebody fleet was still seven four. Yeah I mean they were operating a fleet of thirty. So I mean that's not we're down to two tons of with twenty eight young. British Airways we see to retire its entire seven, four, seven fleet by either twenty, twenty, three, twenty, four, twenty, four. So the writing the wall but the wall we've got a whole lot closer right the the wall basically fell. Fell on top of the fleet but there are still some four sevens out there. There are still chances may be two to fly them. Should you want to go out and do that? Obviously, your best chance is going to be Lufthansa at some point, they haven't announced anything about retiring. There's they're putting them into two storage. Planning bring them back So twenty, their Korean Airlines has twelve China Airlines has four Air China has eight, and then you kind of start to whittle things down I. I would say that the under a Russia has nine, but I would say that there's a good chance that may be Thai Airways with eight is probably not bringing there's back or if they do, it won't be for long. But I could be wrong. Indy only has four in. It'll be interesting to see what they ended up doing with there's and then there's a few charter airlines like wellness has five and Atlas Air has four. So you can't really book a ticket on those but you know you've got stand up on you. You've got a decent chance of flying on those if you book a ticket on other airlines. So thankfully at least for my New York City centric mind, we have three airlines that to be the three airlines operate the seven, four, seven, Dash Eight. Tonnes a Korean Air, China all at some point operated the the dash eight two K. typically in the summer. So I hope we see them again. But honestly, there is a a likely reality in which JFK does not see a seven, four, seven in regular passenger service. Again, I don't think it's out of the question that that's a possibility and that makes me very, very sad. Yeah. I. Mean I. I was thinking about this the other day when we were putting kind of listing who who, still flying him and things like that and and I was supposed to do a trip hin in April. Originally, we were going to do something really cool and one of the things that I was really looking forward to flying the Lufthansa's dash eight but did not get that chance but maybe next year year after it'll still be there and still be a possibility. But yeah, I. Mean the fleet was just such you know. That that livery. Deliveries on the for seven just looked so good and then when they did the the heritage liveries games, they just looked so

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