Coronavirus-infected German shepherd, first dog to test positive for COVID-19 in US, dies


Buddy, the German shepherd will go down in the medical history books as the first dog to apparently die from Cove it 19. But he was getting on in years and, like people with risk factors did have some other medical issues. But then came the Corona virus, which Buddy apparently caught from its owner makes it much worse of you. Conditions, and he may have had lymphoma on. Of course, when you have abnormal immune system, it's gonna really decrease your chances for getting over anything. Dr. John how is President of the American Veterinary Medical Association? Nobody is the 1st 1 that actually got sick enough to die. But being here I probably that cancer spread to his liver and spleen are never where else. There's just no way to survive that there have been no known cases anywhere in the world of humans getting covert 19 from their dogs or from any other pet for that matter,

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