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Everybody welcome back to another episode of Film House. My this week. Are Adam Covic Film Lover Adam Kovic Official Title Film Lover I. Love Film. So, much. But. I'm also really excited to have on Dorian. Parks of Collider, games and Geeks of color. Here at you guys were having me up. Man I'm super excited to watch you guys all the time and we done stuff in the past to team up with you guys again. It's just it's just as exciting. Yeah, we've been in each other's DM's for a while trying to coordinate this busy that you've been pretty busy. You've been. been doing a lot of stuff since work from home a little bit, it's been. It's been fun we've been do know about virtual interviews with color with some of the some of the talent from these upcoming shows in movie, so it's been finally do that as well as with collider. Games I've been just playing a bunch of video games. You boy just got a like a PC setups on just been diving into all these. Nice started I know it's been a Alpha Wall, but I just started playing halo in now that I actually have friends select I. Don't get the the split screen type of thing, but you know I'm still playing co op with them online, so that's been A like year like playing halo. Like starting from Halo one for the first time like going through it, starting from last master chief collection in. On solve just been diving in. Crazy that's wild. I'm just curious. We will not get we'll. We're GONNA talk about films. We're GONNA. Talk about ten. We're GONNA talk about the rise of new ways to watch movies, and then also some of our personal favorite bits, but I wanted before we move into that I've just curious the perspective of someone who's playing Halo for the first time now in twenty twenty. What do you? You think of it I'm absolutely loving it. Yes, sure that graphics aren't like super like amazing like especially. If you clicked Tabby, you can see like how they the whole version of it, but just an it's. It's been blown me away like the story itself especially getting play like coop with some friends online and just drive around that all driver on the war all. Edges shoot now. Now imagine that, but a film made by Neil Blonde camp in his prime. Thing about is I got to go to New Zealand? Like a few years ago for a set visit in at Weta, digital, they had like the original like ward hauled like that they were GonNa use for that movie was sick. And I have appreciation for it at the time, but now do it. Was it was it was a site for it was just beautiful. That's awesome and let's circle. Could have been. Halos back the mindset we were this. This was recorded on July twenty third, and so this morning was the xbox game showcase the on Halo? Infinite, which is. Pretty wild throwback to the franchise. Yeah. It's funny that you're playing. The original halo in the new one is more like original, Halo. Maybe just skip right ahead to number six. Done a little white I've done the some of the story for the the campaign for Halo One, but my friend also like let me play a little bit of reach, because they said that wants the like the the best one that's jumped into to reach and I've been playing that a little bit as well when I'm loving that to. Let you I love. You can get. You can get a taste or in just a little bit, but we. We don't want technically a Prequel, so you could really start without one be fine. We talk about movies on the spot. Yeah, WE'RE GONNA. Talk about movies now, right? No, no, no, no I. I. have to interrupt right now. Otherwise, the two of you will just talk about Halo for the next ninety minutes. No so so I just wanted again. We've been doing this podcast still weekly. For the most part we had a change of pace last week, and so we instead of doing a podcast style. We kind of did exploratory discussion on Vin, diesel. His career and kind of why he is the person who was so. I, just wanted to. Thank our audience for watching that and giving us your feedback on that. We are going to at least try. I believe Adam. We're going to try at least one more. Maybe we have some ideas. Yeah, we got a meeting today. We're GONNA. Talk more I think. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA. Keep keep going. You know even if it didn't get, didn't gangbusters, didn't do you know the billions of us? Here yeah, right exactly. Yeah, we all get those those big big home runs. I think we really enjoyed it. The audience really enjoyed when to keep at. It Yeah Yeah. So, so we're hear more from that once we kind of narrow down that topic and see open. You guys up to that process There's obviously know movies that we can really review all that much next week. Actually does have some plans because we figured out. There is a movie that we've all seen together, so I won't oil that we are going to be doing a movie discussion kind of review next week I'm covering news, not a lot of it during you know, there's not a lot of news. But the biggest story that I could really find this week with about ten at. which it's that it was delayed again. which isn't necessarily surprising, except now it seems like this is the official defeat of this movie. By perception of this whole event was that people were looking for weirdly looking to this. Christopher Nolan Film. As this is when we know, we'll

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