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The Power Trip


Plan, yeah! According to a variety Taylor swift's new album sold one point, three million copies and just twenty four hours. Of It it's actually pretty good well. smashmouth begs to differ. Oh, smashmouth tweeted out from the band account. Taylor swift's album called folklore. Call Bore Lor. Oh! What, and then twitter exploded because you remember when Taylor's fans were pissed like. We can't let this new band tool. Take over the number one spot because the kids that listen to Taylor swift her so young. They didn't know tools been around for twenty five thirty years. So? They didn't want tool to be number one and takeover Taylor's crown or thrown. So clearly, they didn't handle smashmouth Sane bore lower. So twitter came back and basically said. You. Guys are just the Shrek band. That's pretty funny. They gotta do this soundtrack. James like mature mash mouth socks isn't boiler like your cousin? Yeah, it's your an right. No, that's shelly. No. No so it's Marin garlic and their MOMS boiler. Shelley's now. I. Guess Yeah Good Old Boy Lor. Taylor well. Yeah, it's pretty good. Album may of course. He was going to be a success right? Yeah, right? It's Taylor and I love how Kanye was going to release an album this weekend. No word on that. Let's wait.

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