Right Livelihood

5 Minute Dharma


The Buddhist said. This. Is The noble truth of the path that leads to the ending of suffering. It is simply the noble eightfold path that is right view right intention right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, and right right mindfulness and right meditation. Today we're GONNA be talking about right livelihood. So. That's not necessarily the best translation or the clearest translation, but it's the usual translation. right livelihood is talking about right employment. So right occupation right work right way to earn money if you will. and. So the Buddha said, and what is right livelihood it is winning noble disciple gives up wrong livelihood and earns a living by right livelihood. This is called right livelihood. Okay. So that doesn't necessarily really clear it up much other than he gives up wrong livelihood. So we have to look bore closely at what is wrong livelihood. So let's go and look at another passage. Here. The Buddha said practitioners La fall under should not engage in these five trades. What five trade in weapons living creatures meet intoxicants and poisons. A lay-follower should not engage in these five trades. So. Let's look at those trade in weapons. So this is the manufacturer of weapons, weapons, the selling of weapons. Now in our modern day, we would think about guns but in the day that the Buddha wrote, this was more swords and things of this nature. So it includes all things that are used to kill and selling buying owning are things that are not appropriate for a lay follower of the Buddha. The second one is. Trade in. Living creatures. Now. Of course, this definitely is a an honestly one of the earliest things you'll ever read about neither buy nor selling slaves. You don't own slaves. You don't trade in living creatures, but it's not just humans I. Think some people read this thanked living creatures humans but no, it actually is talking about. Owning and trading in living creatures. As well. The third is trade meat. So this would be the butcher's meat markets, fish markets, seafood, all of that buying and trading in meat would be forbidden by the Buddha. nother. One is trade in intoxicants so Abboud shouldn't work in a bar for an example selling alcohol or buying alcohol that's not something a Buddhist should engage in if they can avoid it at all costs you know. and. The last one is trade in poisons, and of course, this is dealing with clearly dealing with. Weapons making poisons in order to to kill people, and and so there's a whole buying and selling of that. That's so you shouldn't make your living in any of these things you shouldn't make guns and sell guns. Or other weapons you shouldn't trade in living creatures you shouldn't kill manufacturer or sell

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