Bitcoin Dominance Increases


Trading. Wise. It nothing really neglected the markets and the felt damn good. Every day just tighten awakened away from from the shots was read honest refreshing thing and it's brought me into position now feel better about looking at once again. Yet. So it's been good as far as the mangams consent of talking about eleven thousand, one, hundred, twenty dollar mock around that region, which was the also pull level as before the the full bitcoin fell and you know we we have found resisted that level. We bounced off it on. What was Saturday. Pullback yesterday we're up point four, percent yesterday were down one point five percent. We actually close the wake up five point, seven percent, which is a pretty good week following on that cradle break it's a, it's a good week No complaints from me at all the markets have been a little bit slow for the traders. There was a couple of good trades on the I think it was five, four hour las not. The showed up It was at six PM Bob Wilson. Wasn't. So I wasn't there They look quite good. Right now, I was sitting at ten, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, two save push up through the high that was created on. Saturday. Leading thousand, one, hundred, ninety, five. Thousand two hundred, we got three there, and hopefully we can say goodbye to that resistance and get a good run on get some good trends BEC into play because it has been a little bit. LASTA over the last few days and that market hasn't done a great deal of moving locker said ten, thousand, nine, hundred, and sixty one point four percent rotten. Now, a theory is still very sought look at realistically needs to get about four hundred. That's the point where I think we might see some is there on a theory of the weekly. Dig Close, up not by much one point, two percent were up twenty, three, percent three, hundred, seventy, three dollars raw now little market. I'm really jumping up and down to try to the nor is exa pay, which is currently twenty four point six cents flat. On yesterday thus far the weekly Kennel it did close up. Enclosed at one point, eight percent. So a little a little pop of wind to the upside, their daily trendies office it's very average. It's not. You know it's not exciting me in any. Sense, of the word. Bitcoin. Cash was down yesterday solid three percent closing at two twenty, six, twenty interestingly the weekly a dig close up. But again, only one point eight percent against showing that bitcoin dominance is starting to return to be the perfect storm that potentially that will speak to you about in just a moment. Bitcoin to Bitcoin cash to twenty, seven, seventy five, which represents a point senator sending so far on the dye lot finished the week actually down, it was down two point, two percent it closed at forty seven dollars and nine saints. It's forty, seven and fourteen, which represents a point one percent. It looks very wake at the moment that thanks said you could very easily push up. It's GonNa get three, fifty, one dollars thirty four to get that trend looking. The why? Though I want to look full for to be essentially reasonable for me? It's not there yet, and until we do get there until, of course, we full further It's not trying to make base again bit of the of a good full yesterday I fought the sent Dan it's a market that I'm watching this show is it was down lost weight five point seven, three percents. Well, it closed one hundred and fifty three dollars a ninety, six percents and look. It it's in a daily death. It is a daily down trend is a weekly momentum down the to our. Quite, good there on faith cradles physically city. They're just waiting to see how that goes throughout the and save account. Get anything. It's a one, fifty, four, fifty, five, point four. percent. Today. Cod Donald. Love to see a low coming here in a push up through that ten cent motte to get daily trim back into. The swing thing. It's not done that It was Dallas weeks pretty heavily six percent Pretty heavily considering it was a sly wake at sitting I point nonsense rotten now bonnets. Lost Weight was down fourteen point nine, four percent closing at twenty, six, thirty full. It's on the twenty six, thirty four right now which oversees. On, the Diet and yesterday down three point three percent bonds will sort of get his engine running again on. I'm sure probably will if we get a bull market but there's nothing that fraternity for me at this time of also very flat the weight that was was pretty average. It was down two percent very, very little volatility on a US at the moment and Sorta does it. Will Spike that way its up point four percent rotten out to sixty three cents. But Very Saad wise. Not Try to

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