The Everlasting Covenant (Ezekiel 16:59-60)


Ezekiel Chapter Sixteen versus fifty, nine and sixty. For thus says the Lord God. I will deal with you as you have done. You who have despised the oath in breaking the Covenant Yet I will remember my covenant with you in the days of your youth. And I will establish for you an everlasting covenant. these two verses come at the end of a long chapter. That's. Really hard to read in many ways as God describes his love for his people, his relationship with people like relationship between a husband and a wife, a husband who cherishes his wife husband who adorns his wife with beauty and honor, and then his wife turns from him and runs after all kinds of other lovers and basically see this imagery of unfaithfulness and adultery all throughout this chapter and judgment that flows from that as God speaks to his people who have run after other idols instead of him and taken all the grace he is poured out on them all the goodness he's bestowed on them and used it to run away from him. and. Yet here at the end in this picture of just judgment do God's people he says yet, I will remember my covenant with you. In other words I will remember my promises to you in the days of your youth. It before you had done this I promised to love you and to redeem you. I promised to love you and I will establish God says for you an everlasting covenant. In other words I am going to be faithful to my word. And this is why When we read the Bible, we have an Old Testament and in New Testament all covenant God initiating his relationship with his people with his covenant people, the people of Israel and in the new covenant. God sending Jesus to seal this everlasting covenant that was promised all throughout the Old Testament to centers who kept turning away from God and God ultimately says I love you so much. I'm coming to you myself to pay the price for all your sin against me to make it possible for anyone anywhere. No matter who you are what you have done. This is the greatest news in the world anyone anywhere no matter who you are what you have done can be restored to relationship with God forever. How's that possible after you and I all of us have turned aside from God and run after so many different things people in this world how can we be forgiven of our sin against God and restored to relationship with him forever everlasting all of eternity. How's that? Possible because of God's faithfulness. And God's love. Because of God's faithfulness. To send his son Jesus as a sacrifice for our sins. So. God, we read this. Chapter Sixteen and we. Praise you for your love. We Praise You oh God for your faithfulness. We praise you Jesus four coming living the life. We couldn't live life of perfect obedience to the father and then dying the death of we deserve to die on cross for our sins for all of our unfaithfulness got I think about all my unfaithfulness, you all my sin against you all of our sin, against Shoe Geez we praise you for paying the price for our against you for making it possible for us to be restored to relationship with you as your bride as your body in union with you for all of eternity. God. Words can't even begin to express our gratitude for your steadfast love and faithfulness for your covenant with us with all who trust in Jesus all Glory beat your name and we pray in light of this in light of this. Truly amazing, astounding overwhelming grace God, help us to live today in faithfulness to you by your grace by your power by the work of your spirit in US help us to walk faithfully you. Joy You fully as the bride of Christ the body of Christ as sons and daughters in your family got help us to enjoy fully by walking humbly and obediently with. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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