How 3 Simple Phone Alarms Changed My Health, Wealth, and Relationships with Eric Partaker


Eric say what's up to fire nation and sure something interesting about yourself that most people don't know aright. Well, yeah. What's up fire nation how excited to be here? This is this is an easy one about ten years ago. I was boarding a return flight to London, and shortly after the cabin doors closed I sent something wasn't right and as the plane descended I had a lot of pressure building in my chest. It soon became pain. Went through the my left arm my whole left arm went completely ice cold by colleague. Next to me he touched my my arm and I remember he said Jesus feels like it's been hanging in a meat locker. Let's Yeah I said too. I said to my I said Lewis. Like something's up man this. This is I'm scared Can You? Can you get some help? And? Louis jumps over runs to a flight attendant. And flight attendant comes overseas on I'm sweating at this point you know feeling really nauseous and she she asks us there's a doctor on board and. at I'm just you know feeling worse and worse doctor comes running over luckily I. Hopefully, there's always a doctor aboard flight nominee knocking lucky. There was one for me he came over. Took my vital signs and he just said immediately he is he said we got to land the plane like a sap i. think he's having a heart attack and when I when I heard those words, you had a heart attack. When you're when you're thirty, five, thousand feet up in the air these are not the words you want to hear. No. You're about as far away from help as you can get and I remember when that plane. On the movies when they talk about something like feeling in an eternity like life is going in slow motion I mean that was exactly what it felt like. Because at the sense, it probably didn't take that long but it felt like forever and I was just terrified on the way down that. My heart was gonNA stop completely I kept having to stop my head like James I'm going to get so close to say the in it's going to be lights out and obviously. I mean, you'd be an absolute magician if you had invited someone to your show who had actually died, right so That wasn't the case we a pain emergency lands. By the way out of a quick side note here I was just too curious to not Google this so. Apparently, it costs about one hundred and fifty thousand dollars to emergency land applying for the airline and I think my ticket costs like one, hundred, fifty bucks. So they did it. They did really poorly with me on that flight man, but you know what I will say to make you feel better if you need it, they likely have insurance for that. So the people who got screwed are the people who should get screwed, which are the insurance companies. Are True. So so plane touches down -mergency response team Russia's on board takes me into a waiting ambulance administered nitrates right away to open up the arteries. And then the ambulance sped off to a local hospital. Did you even know where you are like? Did you even know like what city you're in? No, I had no idea. Yeah. I knew when I got into the ambulance because everyone was speaking trench. Man Because that's the thing about flying over Europe. You're like I I literally have no idea where we're going to descend so that Eric is super interesting my friend I'm gonNA share something else that people don't know about you actually as you might be moving to Puerto Rico at some point in the future the I'll day unconscious. So that'd be super cool as well. So man what a way to kick off this interview of three simple phone alarms that changed Eric's health wealth and relationships, and we already can see that he needed a little change in his health. So talk to us about these three phone alarms that are going to elevate our health work in home fronts. So this is dead simple. And it was driven by that story. I just shared 'cause I have been obsessed with achievement prior to that point for ten years while at Skype Bill we we sold skype to Ebay I two thousand five for about four billion dollars at McKinsey and company. And then a few of my own businesses, but it was like achievement at all costs, right? So including the cost of my health and relationships and And after that, I need any something had to change a new. I needed some some balance and I literally I took my phone one day and I said, okay I'm GONNA put in some alarms and I'm going to label each alarm to reflect what like the best version of me would look like to power the relevant segment of the day and so let me give an example and when you're setting alarm on your phone, for example, if you have, I found, you go into the alarm. And you'll see a section called label and you can actually name the alarm whatever you want, and if you have android, you can go in it's called name you can label it whatever you want so. So for years. Now at six thirty, am the first alarm goes off and it says world fitness champion and I'm not a will fit as champion I never will be but like that's not the point, the point is that for me, that's the phrase that expresses my best on the health front, which is one of the key three areas you get your health, your wealth, or if you want to refer to it as work and your relationships.

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