Heavy rain tomorrow. The high of 77 windy and wet Monday.


Watches and storm surge watches her up along the colors we've got. Tropical Storm bait in the Gulf is expected to strengthen to hurricane and approach the Texas coast early next week, heading towards Mondays of bigger impacts for us, potentially Tuesday and Wednesday Faras this Saturday Clearly that afternoon Sun high of 89 showers will pop up overnight with a low of 68. Heavy rain tomorrow. The high of 77 windy and wet Monday. We're behind the upper seventy's. A meteorologist Jeff Mar from the Weather Channel, 80 in Galveston and 81 from the top tax defenders. 24 hour Weather center Katya Rich news time is to a one hour top story. Galveston is bracing for the impact of Tropical Storm beta there already handing out sandbags in Corpus Christi. Governor. Abbott has preposition emergency responders if they're needed, and there's voluntary evacuation for residents on Galveston Island, west of the Sea wall in this morning, Galveston County Judge Mark Henry offers advice for those living on Bolivar Peninsula to voluntarily evacuate. Stay informed. Pay ATTENTION. Watch your station on Bolivar, if you could survive in your home for three or four days. Without power. We're not even sure what's gonna happen. You're okay. You can stay. If it's uncomfortable, or you need some life support equipment, maybe go somewhere else. Storm watches are posted along the coast and will start getting the rain late tomorrow. Better anticipating a rain event Monday and Tuesday, hopefully passing by on Wednesday,

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