Empty seats and no red carpet: the Emmys in the age of coronavirus


Jason. How did the Emmys go last night? Can we get rid of red carpets forever? And that's what I'm fine with that I didn't miss it from the show and as somebody who covers these things. They're annoying there in order to cover, especially the Emmys. The Emmys idiots usually like 95 degrees and just hot and terrible, And it's just about everybody saying the same thing over and over and over again. I'm fine without having that so under the winners, though s Creek from pop TV wins big and it was. This is an amazing story because In the first The show's been on for six seasons in the first five seasons of the show zero Emmys last night at 17 Emmys it with all the categories every single Emmys comedy category. Hit one, which is just to go from zero to everything that's never happened before. It's UN president, President Idan Emmys history and a lot of people are going to be sitting around trying to figure out why the show and it was it better in its sixth season than it was in all five seasons was that the competition was that we were all watching because of the pandemic. I mean, there's so many possibilities. It's a good show. I mean, I remember when it first came out getting on that on that train. It's a very good show, and it was fun to see. I saw some of the excerpts of the acceptance speeches. I mean, they've obviously worked so hard on it. Yeah, and they were. They were all together. That was nice to see a cz. Well, they threw their own party. They were in Canada and they threw their own party, Teo and they were ableto every all have the whole cast and crew there together, So it felt Mohr liken Emmys, then say going too. Regina King's home or Zendaya's home or something like that. It had a kind of a different feel to it. But when we did go to the winners homes that was interesting as well. Although I was rooting for chaos. I wanted things to go crazy because I thought that would have been good TV and things were kind of normal. So, Jason, you know, I hear you when you say that, you know, you have to cover the red carpet and you get a little frustrated with the whole thing. I mean, if I hear where you're wearing one more time, it's got you But I have to tell you this in my home. My wife and kids love to see. Okay. What are they wearing? And they love it. The pageantry I know people do in the most clicked on stories. Usually the next day have to do with the dresses and you know who wore it Best and things like that, And I I get that, but it also without having it and without having the I mean, they're still were a few shows. He did a show. A couple of local stations here in Los Angeles did shows as well. But without the whole thing. I mean, it's something I think. That wasn't necessarily missed. It costs a lot of money. It takes a lot of time. It takes a lot of people on DH. I think coming out of the pandemic, we're all going to look at what you know what we can streamline what we did streamline over the past few months and what we can keep that way going forward. I don't know. Maybe the red carpets one of those casualties It does truly take a village to look like that, Jason Agency way love your purest progress. Thank you so much Like the honesty very

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