Michelle Lujan Grisham on U.S. covid-19 response


Jonathan, Kaye part, and this is Cape Up. My guest has been her states. Secretary of Health sees represented her State in Congress today. She is said to be on Joe. Biden's vice presidential shortlist in chose it. She would be the first lat next American on a presidential ticket. She is New Mexico Governor Michelle Luhan Grisham. Hear what she has to say about that and her states response to Corona virus in this special case up live episode right now. Governor Welcome! You know I'm delighted to be on your show. Nice to meet you spend a little time with you Jonathan. Likewise. Thank you very much for being here now. I mentioned that you were the health secretary. You are a member of Congress because they gave you incredible insight, I think and how to deal with the corona virus early on you declared a statewide health emergency on March eleventh when there were only four cases in your state. What did you see that pushed? The pushed you to move so quickly. Well two things that you know that this virus is moving, and so it comes with travelers we've got commuters were movie Hijab I was still dealing with folks who were trapped on a cruise and California and I've dealt with the pandemic before and the. You Start and the more aggressively you start, the better control and management efforts you have in. This is the problem because you can't see the pandemic everyone I think falsely assumes it won't come here. The it'll be easy, and we'll wait until we see what's happening because I think for too many leaders. It's easier to explain you have to move immediately. Otherwise it rages out of control and we're seeing that all across the country now. What we follow up, you said you've been through a pandemic before. which are you talking Ebola or something else? Blue so we had two issues. We had a flu epidemic I said pandemic epidemic in two, thousand, seven, two, thousand eight, and then in two, thousand and five. We had a flu vaccine shortage so when you are in a state where you've got higher. Per Capita. Issues related to chronic issues for children and adults, and that you have a higher death rate then from influenza we'd have a third of the capacity of healthcare providers and hospitalizations I literally had to join with illiinois to. Import flu vaccine from Canada Rich. You really couldn't do then and we found A. Soft, can I say loophole and brought it in and I protected Mexica residents then we took. Out of flu vaccine, so I took all the mercury out of it to further protect new Mexicans. I wouldn't buy anything that had. Mirasol in it, and then when the epidemic was coming in the same thing, he didn't have sufficient investments in public health, so getting to people getting them vaccinated partnering with limited. A. Private Provider Group was really challenging so probably answering this too long Jonathan but in December I knew this was coming. I asked my teams to start planning in early January, so we began to have round tables and start looking about where we was secure. And testing supplies. That's really interesting. You started focusing this on in December. And then moving with your staff in January, so you anticipated what could happen, but didn't you anticipate the inaction from the federal government in terms of having a national strategy? No in my wildest dreams I would not be spending my known specific time finding supplies testing supplies, and the right manufacturers, trying to figure out which instruments right the FDA was going to authorize in an emergency use environment, then test for the for the virus, so not every instrument was available. Not every then re agent is available every testing because they're not all. They weren't at the time universal, getting swabs and then chasing. And, then, in my wildest dreams I wouldn't be dealing with the federal government who would literally then take the things that you secured and redistributes them for the country while you want it to be a country focus. Because it wasn't it meant that you were fighting? Frankly with other governors and FEMA to get the adequate supplies into your state, and now we're seeing it occur again because there was without any federal strategies, still now that you have these outbreaks, governors are in the same situation chasing down supplies and P P and trying to adequately cover their first responders is the most outrageous environment I've ever worked on worked in in my entire career.

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