The Great Lego Scam


There's a massive scam going on, but this GAM isn't about the coronavirus or vaccines it's is about Lego. Tom. Glasgow lives in Dayton Ohio and he got scabbed he has three kids, seven eleven and sixteen, and they all love go, which is how he got into trouble. He'd been looking for a Lego X ray resistance fighter for his son that's the spaceship that Luke Skywalker an RTD to fly in star wars and so perusing facebook one day I saw an ad for it for what seemed to be a low but maybe not a too low of a price. and I thought Oh good. Let's grab that real. Quick Tom's is at the time x wings were going for about sixty or seventy dollars but the addy clicked on facebook listed it for a lot less the X. Wing was half price just thirty bucks but when the box arrived in the mail and Tom opened it, he found out that this great praise it came with a big catch. The pieces weren't the same quality they were. They were marsh more flimsy and they didn't have the same tolerances. They didn't go together quite as nicely as regular legos. The. Helmets for some of the mini figures weren't dual mode molded with a transparent pieces and solid pieces. They were just all solid and painted over yellow. Transparent Tom had bought what turned out to be a knockoff Lego set a counterfeit. He admits he may not have paid as much attention to the ads as he should have. But you know like it was this great deal and he trusted that in AD online would just be Like a group, the company that makes Lego in Denmark it more than five and a half billion dollars in sales. Last year like Oh is a huge business but this is not just a toy. Lego is an investment. The company retires it's kits after wild stops making them. So if you buy and hold something really popular and the price goes up, you could make a lot of money.

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