‘Door-To-Door Trick-Or-Treating Is Not Allowed’: Los Angeles County Releases Guidelines For Halloween


The joy killers in my home county of Los Angeles, decided Teo kill Holloway and apparently Halloween. Yeah. Halloween activities will not be allowed. I love that word. Not be allowed. Is this from the same guy Who said you have to earn your freedom back? The mayor loves their. Yeah, my, my guy who likes to turn things back. Well, apparently we weren't good kids, so we didn't earn back Halloween. And a traditional Halloween activities will not be allowed for residents in L. A county because or at least the reason given Corona virus pandemic, according to local health officials. The Lake County Department of Public Health announced a ban on door to door trick or treating Carnival's festivals, live entertainment and haunted houses. Georgia door trick or treating is not allowed, because it could be very difficult to maintain proper social distance on porches and front doors, especially in neighborhoods that are popular with tricker treaters. According to ridiculous officials. Yeah, it is. Kids If parents are walking around with kids, and there are a couple if there are a couple kids in someone's porch, grabbing candy, you just wait for them to go to leave. And that stupid that is so

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