Kathryn Garcia Stepping Down As New York City Sanitation Commissioner


Who had the job of sanitation commissioner until today, has resigned. Thatjob speculation is going to run for mayor and make the announcement. To run next year to succeed Mayor de Blasio to other women who worked in the administration also have entered the race. So far. One is Maya Wiley, though de Blasio is former former top top council council also also Loree Loree Sutton, Sutton, who who ran ran the the city's city's Department Department of of Veterans Veterans of of Services. Services. A A list list of of potential potential candidates candidates for for next next year's year's mayoral mayoral race race also also include include Scott Scott Stringer, Stringer, the the city city controller Eric Adams, the Brooklyn borough president, and Corey Johnson, the speaker of the New York City Council. A man who

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