Kevin Dobson, 'Knots Landing' And 'Kojak' Actor, Dies At 77


Starring starring in in coach coach Jack Jack Where Where he he was was missing missing like like part part of of his his finger finger like like he he only only used to hold the coffee cup and like he only had half of his top index finger. And he would yell. Right down. Well, sadly. Kevin Dobson, also known as Crocker died over the weekend and he was 77 years old. First of all, I no idea that he was 77. I mean, I love Kevin Dobson. He was fabulous on Ko jak on. Then he switched over to which was at my at the time. My favorite show on television. Because I am such a brainiac and I want you know something to stimulate my brain. So it was not landing. So he actually played. Ah, guy named Mac Mackenzie. He was married Teo. The actress was Michelle Lee married to her, and there was I mean, drama Central. I love that show And he was on there for 14 seasons after hey, was on co Jack for I think it was five. Something like that. He died over the weekend 77 years old and he had some kind of auto immune. Deficiency. I don't think they've really been really specific. But he lived in Stockton, California. My family has spent AA lot of time in Stockton and let me tell you what Kevin Dobson did. Ah Stockton is the home to the United Veterans Council of San Joaquin County, and he served as the chairman. Way to go. Crocker. Kevin Dobson died at 77. He describes one of his favorite moments

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