Jenkinson’s sues Point Pleasant Beach over crackdown on alcohol on beach, New Jersey


Jenkinson's Boardwalk is suing the borough of Point Pleasant Beach over rules about alcohol on the beach. Here's WCBS is Mac Rosenberg. The new ordinance, which began last month closes the beach after seven makes it a violation to play loud music or or bring bring large large coolers coolers onto onto the the beach, beach, along along with with prohibiting prohibiting drugs drugs and and alcohol. alcohol. Jenkinson Jenkinson says says It's It's a a violation violation of of the the Fourth Fourth Amendment, Amendment, which which prohibits prohibits illegal illegal searches searches and and seizures. seizures. But But point Pleasant Beach Mayor Paul Kenitra says these ordinances are already on the books for all New Jersey beaches. Most of this was really about enforcing existing state regulations and giving us the ability to do that The burrow is at the higher more police officers and public works employees. To deal with problems, Kenitra says, have been growing for the past five years. Public drunkenness, public drug usage, public littering ah, and and disrespectful behavior that has really grown in point Pleasant beach over the last five years or so, he says. Just because Jenkinson's operate certain portions of the beach doesn't mean they're exempt from enforcement. Zack Rosenburg. WCBS NEWS radio 80

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