The self described anti fascist suspect now dead.


Department's investigation into the shooting of a pro trump supporter last Saturday ended Thursday in a blaze of bullets from federal agents. The self described anti fascist suspect now dead. ABC is Kristine Sloan has the latest authorities had been on the hunt for 48 year old Michael Rainelle since last Saturday. Finding him at his home in Lacy Washington. That's when officials say the self described anti fascist tried to flee in his car, then allegedly pulled out a gun. It's just sound like Fourth of July. Going off that was just Hobley anywhere from 20 to 30 gunshots. This's protests continued in Portland for the 1/100 consecutive night. North Carolina already sending out mail in ballots. President Trump Holding Attila Rally for supporters in the state once again, urging people who planned to vote by mail to also try to vote in person in November it as you will. Not be able to vote. Because it's going to be counted. He'll not be ableto and the mail and system worked properly as it should. But there's a big chance that it won't work properly. Eight election officials urging voters and not to take the president's advice. You're listening to ABC News News radio time is 102. Denver police will once again reduced federal Boulevard one lane in each direction. Starting tomorrow night. The restrictions run from six Avenue South Evans, in an attempt to reduce violence along federal drivers are leaving federal to cut through neighborhoods, which is not popular with residents. The cruisers, the racers air Ticking. Paths of least resistance to drive and that's the neighborhood right now. Police have not said when they'll stop closing off lanes on federal AB season is over. After losing to Dallas last night, 5 to 4. Heading out this Labour day weekend. Governor Polish says Don't let your guard down When it comes to the cove. It 19 fight as we head to the mountains, Lakes rivers. I'm going to be safe about it. We're going to be smart about it and you'll have a lot of fun. Consider going off the beaten trail Governor Pulis.

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