Bye. Kim Kardashian herself that the family has made the decision as a family to say goodbye


Or should I say Ah, my guy. Ah way where we going to get our Vocal fry, where we going to get Khloe and Kourtney and Kim and Cannibal and Kylie and sometimes Rob, sometimes Rob. It is with heavy hearts that we were made aware yesterday. Bye. Kim Kardashian herself that the family has made the decision as a family to say goodbye to keeping up with the Kardashians 14 years 20 seasons. How did they cram? 20 seasons into 14 years. Like what? What? What Tomfoolery did they need to get up to to make that happen? Well, sometimes there's another two in one year. Yeah, that's how it works. Anyway. Eso they've done all sorts of stuff, and now they're going. Bye bye in the car car. But wait, are they I know everybody all day has been like I've heard one of two things even on our very own station. People saying, like, Oh, no, they're going away. That's crazy. What we're gonna do and then I've also heard like Thank God go away by that. So I think a normal reaction right? It's been on since 7 4007. It's ubiquitous in the world of reality television. They have Transcended their reality TV star status at this point, I mean, they're like borderline, but billionaires. Several of them write like they're doing their own things. It seems like It's so obvious that they would dump this. You know, vestige of their You know former glory to the side of the road because presumably, it's not making him as much money is that they is they've been able to make on their own right right? Because you're talking about such ventures as Kylie's makeup line. Kim Kardashians makeup line. Skims lines. Kim's lying Claudie West, Kanye West Khloe Kardashian posing by a bunch of bedazzled for Bree's bottles, Rob selling socks push The lifestyle brand from Courtney. Yeah, Everybody's got their side gigs and their side gigs have kind of taken over. You know the thing that got them where they are in the first place, so it shouldn't be a surprise. But so those are the responses I've seen. I've seen the people responding like they're happy. That's sort of like the superficial reaction to the story. But like here on the Collina Bradley showman, we go deep in the shallow. Nothing is what it seems. What do we know about Hollywood? Holly? Nothing. Israel. And everyone smokes exact immune DOE. Which means when the Kardashians come out and say, you guys spin great, we're really happy and I have done all this. But now we're going to stop doing at my and then to a person. If you look a Khloe and Kourtney either, like I'll have more thoughts later. I'll have more feels tomorrow. Just want to sit with this moment lab Lombilla. When I see all of that, I think to myself Okay, what's really going on behind the scenes Self? What is Kris Jenner sharpening her knives for behind the scenes? Don't you think that's it? A logical

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