Launching Statamic 3

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Time we were talking, we were talking about how the static three. was imminent it was around the corner. Without an exact date, it was almost there but not quite, and now it is old news. It's all due to it already. Done our traffic is is back to zero. No, it is dude it went. Well, it was a great launch. It was the smoothest launch we've ever had and things are I mean I'm pumped? I've actually slept a couple nights. Yeah. No no crazy emergency disaster scenarios or minimal. No. There was like one issue with a with a database migration that has actually ended up being a red herring. So it kept our site down a little longer than we planned, but there actually wasn't any problems and boom than we were. We were up and running. That's good. So I, mean you said it went well, what does it mean to go? Well, how much? Are you willing for about it. Yeah. So I mean going well would be are going poorly would be, oh, my God is broken. GotTa, know the pricing model has changed and like screw it I want refunds on everything you know like all of those scenarios like falling apart. but we were in Beta for six months. So the code base, there was no surprises area most people had right. That was that was pretty clean. We did Server Migrations and upgrades a month ago ahead of time like and then all the redesign stuff was on a separate branch. So we knew the server didn't need any work. We just had to basically composer install like you know build a new talent stuff. So that went pretty smoothly. And then people were adequately prepared for what was coming and everything worked. So He's Like all the upgrades going going fine Most of them are free because you know we gave them like a grace period upgrade from two to three. They're flooding in and every single time. It's like zero dollars zero dollars zero dollars zero dollars. is like a good feeling and has also like Well Hey, you know that's it. We're a long haul and people are using it in their excited. So to me, that is all I can hope for and it met all expectations. So Nice. Yeah. What's changed? I? Guess in terms of the day to day. In Stein mcclen now, like doing recon having straddle the V Two v three worlds a little bit more before he kind still making that transition in terms you have for sure there'd be. Like their report Super Educates bug for Vito like some I. Feel tape most people don't use and windows like seven like Oh, God I don't want to put up a vm just test this thing like well, the three it's fixed but It's not official yet. So I guess we need to work on that. Now we can say like education. Bugs. Come on. It's a free upgrade wrote for free to do like ninety, nine point nine percent all the work for you if you can play hour of work and you'll get more out of it and it costs you nothing. So yeah, I think most of the time people are are totally and so far they've been totally agree with that like. Yep Dot Click, whatever so that part has changed and then. Yes it's like being able to use v Three's not as a V. Three is Beta. ME. Every single like, oh, we should probably just switch to three I know like it doesn't really look like it's But. I mean it's actually more stable than V two probably is but yes. Yeah. We don't have the hedge our recommendations anymore, and at the same time, we also now can't use it as an excuse for not doing something not that we would like do that actively but every now and then it's like. Yeah. We were kind of working on this other part of the launch right the redesign working on something else and we'll get to that soon but it's Beta. You know. So now is oh, that's important. Let's fix that immediately and so that. You know on both sides of the fence both like freeing us up and also like putting us into a proper responsibilities both of those are are happening and that's that's what needs to happen. Right important.

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