Why Tom Seaver Is The Greatest Met Ever

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People perhaps too young to have seen it and to have lived through it. How would you put into words what Tom Seaver meant to baseball and particularly in New York in the late sixties and the seventies? Well. He's the greatest met ever and there is not a close second. He's for me one of the ten greatest pitchers of all time when you look at his wins, his era and his strikeouts, the only pitcher in history that can match those numbers is Walter Johnson whose regularly considered the greatest. Of all time top seaver struck out ten batters in a row that is still a major league record and they were the last ten hitters of the game showing how strong he was at the end Greenie I was twelve years old when he pitched the mets to the world championship in nineteen, sixty nine it was absolutely breathtaking to watch a pitcher who threw that hard with that kind of precision and the way he threw that back news to drag against the ground. He was so big and he was so strong. He was Tom Terrific in every way he was he was like a superhero in my youth. I grew up in New York and I wasn't met Fan, but you couldn't not not only admire him but you're almost all of him. He became almost mythical figure you can. We talk about that a little bit not not just how great pitcher he was the numbers tell you that story but just what he meant in an even larger sense than that, how would you put that into words? Well he was so much a celebrity in New York because he was so smart he was. So worldly, he did the New York Times Crossword puzzle every day and apparently nobody did it better than he did and he never took himself too seriously Dick Schaap told this great story one night that Dick arranged a party out with a bunch of people, a bunch of writers and a bunch of celebrities. And among the celebrities were Muhammad, Ali and Tom Seaver and through the night went along alley. Brilliant Mad. But not a great baseball fan whispered to Tom seaver which newspaper do you work for Anti seaver like burst out in laughter that's how great he was at understanding his place and everything he said that what he retired, he wanted to become an artist, but he wasn't good enough to be an artist. But boy was he a great great baseball player who captured a town at the perfect

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