Joe Biden addresses race, police reform during visit to Kenosha, Wisconsin


Presidential nominee Joe Biden visited Kenosha yesterday afternoon and addressed issues of police for form and race relation. Biden met with Jacob Lakes family and talked with Blake briefly by phone. Then Biden told a community for him at a Kenosha church. That part of his plan for Change is a White House commission on police reform if he's elected, which he says would include representatives of minority organizations and communities as well as police because a significant portion of the police Are decent people, but no. One. There's a lot of bad folks in every organization. Porsche Benedict community activist in Kenosha told Biden. She needs to see action and not just words, starting with the officer who shot Blake and I actually want Hold these officers accountable to the same crimes that we get ahead accountable, too. If I was that officer I would be under Kenosha County Jail right now in Kenosha, Jim Goddess NewsRadio 105.9 of them, The New

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