Kim and I it during a meal. How will our


Did have to go in front of the people of Texas and say these things and that is still still blows my mind that that is the point. Where we are right now that we literally have people that think what they're doing as faras destroying lives, destroying property, destroying businesses, making their own cities look worse. I feel that what they're doing is the right thing to do, And that's a bad state of affairs. Right there. It's bizarre World man. What's up is down. You know it's it's It's rather strange, but you're right and that you didn't have to say these common sense things and then we have this fairly. A new practice of these of these writers storming into restaurants or, you know, folks that are trying Tio have a nice meal outside, you know, outside dining. Along the sidewalk and and disrupting their meal sitting down at their table, many cases grabbing their meal and eating it for themselves or drinking a beer. You know, whatever. It's unthinkable to me, and I keep thinking. My goodness gracious. What if that happens? Tio Kim and I it during a meal. How will our react?

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