Click-Sick: Part 3 Can 'wellness' make you...sick?

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Mike. And My? We'll come back to these sorts of disclaimers shortly, but even with that disclaimer, what message do some of Sarah's views get? Literally crying, having found this video. Thank from the bottom of my for these I have seen three Oh I can heal your. So inspire I am suffering from this problem to telling me the names of the supplement. Did you eat cooked vegetables to or? A lot of people are going share as much as he can think, self healing is the best kill pray for me to thank you. Thanks. These sorts of comments below Sarah's youtube video raised a red flag gite and almost just like go you us so great like Oh, I can't believe this I have to try your way and it over three hundred, forty, thousand views. This video had a lot of eyeballs and ALYSSA's. Leash land shock jade was worried that some of Sarah's view is might also try to heal themselves using her regime but without medical supervision in three months later, it doesn't work out to them and they've wasted time for what could have been a very easy procedure of surgery of just removing sells. Sarah's Day had suddenly lost its shine that was kind of fun I stopped. Consuming old. Moody's. One because I, kind of them but. I was like all. Maybe this isn as correct as I thought it was. Do. We need to be cautious of these really wonderful rosy stories about self-healing this Halley millman Patriot Zella, an associate professor of history at the new school studies, the history of. Fitness coach. I go to Sierra sin, free video, and of course, there's a basis and the fact that you're nutrition matters and your outlook matters and all that stuff. One of the things that bothers me which I. Think was apparent in her in her story to was like positioning a kind of false equivalency between like her journey and scientific medicine right I don't want to discount any runs agency I think that it is the those who are not the same thing. As we mentioned earlier Sarah's video does come with a disclaimer encouraging viewers to seek professional medical advice now disclaimers in this business powerful and the very common sociologist Dr Stephanie Ellis From City University of London studies how we communicate online about hill it's really difficult because even when you look at people her has very successful wellness brands like poetry group. We try to do is explore ideas that may seem out there or too scary. I had an exercise them. She has a disclaimer at the beginning of her series. The good lab where it's indicated that the series is not intended to provide medical advice. It's it's really about entertaining and informing. unregulated. Scare however week during nine people. Influenced by. People they aspire. To Bay like online as the word. Influence. It isn't dangerous for everyone. It's not horrible forever on there a Lotta people out they have the knowledge to look at this directly with the grain assault from the first point. But what seductive about the disclaimers that influences like Gwyneth and Sarah Hughes is that they create an aura of authority while putting responsibility back on us the audience to check if there's actually any. Science behind what they're saying that said, not everyone's equally seduced I have a lot of friends like that and they look at me like, why did you follow a lack? Why? Why did you get so sucked in all that? Why do you even care now? Like I find it's people that like me who had mental health issues when the when they were younger still do. So unfortunately ends up being the people who already have issues or have. Hells unhealthy aspects with food and Diet that tend to get gravitated towards this content and actually ends up being. One of the tricky things in all this is mainstream medicine is incomplete when it comes to investigating the hill impacts of. Diet or state of mind and medicine often fails to treat us as a whole person putting mind and spirit wellness influences stepping to that gap. The way that I define wellness culture is fundamentally the idea that mind and body are connected and to have kind of holistic sense of health or film it. You've got to cultivate all parts of you mind body spirit heart that's part of it, but it's also rooted in this idea that I think can be very empowering, which is it's up to you to take control of your own health. But the self empowerment message and wellness influences about what supplements you can take and the workouts you can do. It actually mosques a very different history. Here we are in twenty twenty and we think of the world of social media as sort of at the center of mainstream wellness, but it didn't begin that way. I am woman hear me role in too big to. The wellness mood bent wasn't wholly out of individualism. It also has roots in a moment and in movements based on radical collective action for change. Holiday a pitcher Selah these were radical movements. This was pushing back on the pharmaceutical industry this was pushing back. A very technocratic medical field. Still these things are true. That was telling particularly women and other marginalized folks like you don't know your body. We know you best like everything from don't breastfeed your children to take this pill. and. I think that those origins can rapidly be forgotten in a very commercialized world of wellness that we're in today. The reason those ideas are appealing is because yeah, women's health has been a freaking disaster for centuries and women for centuries have been told that they don't know their bodies and that. Some male doctor knows what's best? Then came the nineteen sixties and seventies of more than ten thousand militant feminists stayed your one day centers the right to free abortion on demand. This will continue as a political coalition. The women's movement advocated for the right of women to control their own bodies, the sexuality, their reproductive choices. Recall what? The concept is basically and the civil rights movement fought for equal access to healthcare challenging the predominantly white medical establishments, neglect of marginalized communities. Then, there was the Hippie counterculture experimenting with Meditation Yoga and Psychedelics. Genuine Health Revolution was being born Al Body was our own, and we had the right to question what the medical establishment did to us. But wherever there's a movement, there is a market opportunity and a chance to cash in on the Metro. So much of this contemporary wellness movement, and this is in some ways by virtue of being commercialized is all about offering individual approaches and solutions to what often are structural problems those structural critiques. Part of the original kind of wellness move man they were talking about these structures which excluded largely women other marginalized

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