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Again in Laurel, Baltimore Washington Parkway Go in north Bound all traffic musty tower, 1 97. There's an investigation from a serious overnight crash that occurred before 1 98 south on lanes are open but north and you'll continue to detour off at 1 97 complicating things on I 90 on 1 97 just east of the parkway out near Snowden Pond Road. We do have accident activity there. Please follow police direction. Also in Silver Spring. We're dealing with a water main break and repairs Eastbound University Boulevard is closed between Piney Branch rodent Carol Avenue West found traveling as though our open sounds like accented activity, leaving Glen Burnie I 97 South just before Quarterfield Road Exit 13 reports of this crash along the right side of the roadway, Looking good on the Beltway through Montgomery and Prince George's counties, a little heavy on the outer loop topside just near Georgia Avenue to seventies wide open between Bethesda and Frederick. You're looking good between the Beltway's on 95 50. Even looks good between northeast on the Bay Bridge. Relatively quiet in Virginia 95 north out of a quiet no delays into Springfield. 3 95 is good, leaving the Beltway up toward the 14th. No troubles on the Beltway between Alexandria and MacLean. Little Bit of a delay south on the George Washington Parkway to approach 1 23. Same on 66, where heavy 1 23 East headed toward Nutley Street traffic is brought to you by Navy Federal Credit Union proud to serve members of the armed forces, diode veterans and their families are members are the mission Learn more at Navy, Federal Dot or GE

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