QB JT Daniels still not cleared for Georgia’s opener vs. Arkansas


Let's talk about the Georgia bulldogs as. Their game might not be that difficult this weekend in Fayetteville but what about the quarterback situation? It was about a week ago and my griffiths joined this with his feeling about who should be the star Michael rejoins us a number of issues to discuss Mike. Always great to have you on. Let's let's start with the Cuban situation. What are you here? Yeah you gotTa Be Dorm Math Paul I mean of jt Daniels still isn't cleared this week. I mean really last week. If he wasn't cleared, you gotTA prepare with who you've got doin', Mathis Jt Daniels, very different style quarterbacks. So I think you're gonNA see Dwan this under center maybe some Carson back maybe some Stetson Bennett up but likely one mathis in quite a story book start. This will be Paul. When you look at Guan's background the brain surgery the flipped from Ohio state I mean it really is something else away way this is laid out.

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