Dallas - Texas Rangers Sweep Angels After 7-3 Win Sunday


Sunday night. Baseball bottom of the 10th Indians lead the White Sox 5 to 4. That game now in a rain delay finals. Padres nine, Diamondbacks five, The Dodgers beat the giant 6 to 2. Brave sweep The Phillies 5 to 18 Nothing. A seven. Astros two. Mariners five, Rocky's three Rangers seven, Angels three Brewer's nine Red Story Royals for Twins to raise but the Yankees for three Red Sox five, Blue Jays three Tigers beat the Pirates to one Mets over the Marlins four to Orioles led the Nationals 52 in the sixth game suspended because of Raina Tart malfunction. They'll resume it Friday in Baltimore Cubs and Cardinals war postpone the Cardinal Siri's against the Pirates this week. In ST Louis

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