Trump Vows to Issue Executive Orders if Coronavirus Relief Talks Collapse


Breaking news on the economic front the White House and Democrats say talks of the economic stimulus package they have hit a wall president trump is threatening to take executive action on his own. Let's get details on that from our chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta. Americans they are in desperate economic pain right now but stimulus talks seem to be going nowhere right now what's the latest? Well, that's right. Wolf with negotiations falling apart over Corona Virus Relief Bill White House officials say president trump is now expected to take some kind of executive action to provide financial support to Americans who are struggling to find work during this pandemic the executive orders are likely to include some kind of effort to provide enhanced unemployment benefits as well as some kind of. Action on suspending evictions from rental homes. There may be some other proposals in the mix, and in the meantime, we should point out the president just hinted at the path ahead in the last hour tweeting, we're going a different way that tweet coming from the president in just the last hour, and in the meantime administration officials are throwing cold water on the president's gold having corona virus vaccine ready by election day one senior administration official told me earlier today that timeline is highly unlikely. President trump's claim that a corona virus vaccine could be ready by election day is receiving an injection of reality as top administration health officials are saying, don't bet on it. Then November third. Oh I. Think I think in some cases. Yes. Possible before. But right around that time, a senior administration official told CNN that timeline is just not realistic saying it's quote metaphysically possible but highly unlikely and Corona Virus Taskforce Dr Anthony Fauci said. May Have to wait until November or December just to find out of a vaccine really works adding maybe we'll get an answer as early as October but I doubt it trying to put a finer prediction on the timetable right now I don't think any of us have enough information yet to know how that's going to shake out. The pandemic Bennett economy recovered somewhat in July with the unemployment rate falling to just above ten percent with one point eight million jobs added even with so many Americans still out of work congressional Democrats and White House officials have been at odds all week over Corona Virus Relief Bill with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, pointing the finger at top aides to the president. Now, that's been in the White House when the president's land that table and walked out that's really what Mr. Meadows. Did I on the table can't shoot staff Mark Meadows Jabbing right back I think for those that are suffering they. They should be asking the Democrats in the House and the Senate why why have you failed to meet the needs that we have so rightly expressed without a deal the White House is signaling Mr Trump will take executive action that legal drafting is complete. We've had this intense discussions about this. In the last several days, I don't WanNa make predictions. Democrats are also keeping an eye on election day accusing the administration of making changes to the nation's postal system that could slow down mayland balloting in a letter, the Postal Service Inspector General, a group of Democratic senators wrote the changes appear to pose a potential threat to mail in ballots and the twenty twenty general election President Likes Mail in voting in Florida but not another states like Nevada Florida's got a great Republican governor and it had a great Republican. Got Run to scientists Rick Scott, the president is seizing on comments made by Joe Biden, you seem to say African Americans are less diverse and their political views Latino voters unlike the African American community notable exceptions. The Latino community is incredibly diverse community. With, incredibly different attitudes about different things Biden try to clean that up tweeting in no way. Did I mean to suggest the African American community is a monolith not by identity not on issues not at all Mr Trump, tweeted biden is no longer worthy of the black vote I don't know what's going on with them, but it was very insulting. The president's attack on Biden are tricky for Mr Trump, who has a long track record of racially offensive behavior including sharing this video, featuring a supporter shouting white power. Now the US intelligence community issued a startling statement on election security today as the US closing in on the fall campaign. In that statement intelligence officials warn Russia is trying to damage from where Vice President Joe Biden. His chances to win the white. House the statement also from the intelligence community says, she prefers that president trump fail in his bid for a second term. These warnings from intelligence officials come at a critical time for American voters who were largely unaware that. The Russians were interfering with the election for years ago this time the voters know all too. Well, what could

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