Los Angeles - Doctors and sham patients in Southern California accused in opioid trafficking ring


Doctor's clinic operators and sham patients this week and Four counties in southern California who broke up with the Feds Cezanne Oxycodone Bring that sold hundreds of thousands of tablets illegally across the country, Assistant U. S Attorney Scott Tenley said. Dr. John Michael Cordelia's camera in a second doctor provided phony prescriptions for over 400,000 oxycodone tablets, which reported local pharmacies over two year period. Others arrested were involved in purchasing and shipping of the drugs. Some of the defendants were recruiting people who had no need for Oxy co tone and they would say, go into the clinics and get a prescription, but Give me the pills that you get from the prescription, and in that way they could accumulate tens of thousands of pills, which were then re sold across the country. During the course of the investigation agencies teddy Bear stuffed with this. Many is 13,000 oxycodone pills that were shipped across the country. If convicted, the 10 people named in the indictment could get a maximum sentence of 20 years in federal prison. Pete Demetriou Okay and extend 70 news radio you see, like

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