Sleeping with Fear


Listening. Welcome to kiss myths and mystery your host Kit crump apparently a podcast I. Did a couple months ago of kept people up late at night including one woman from. SEATTLE. Who asked me to repeat this podcast and she signed it sleepless in Seattle the podcast is about night terrorists have you ever had a nightmare the kind of dream where you wake up in a cold sweat and can remember every detail what was it that scared you and how scared were you really can you be so terrorized that you have a heart attack could you die in your sleep due to a nightmare? The answer is, yes. Yes. You can be scared to death. It's call para sympathetic rebound. Paris sympathetic rebound is delayed reaction of the Para sympathetic nervous system during a tense and or prolonged stress to the opposed sympathetic nervous system. Now. Let's take a look at dreams most of US dream every night even we don't remember doing. So sometimes dreams feel super short usually if they're about something really good like the perfect date with your celebrity crush other times, they can feel like they're going on forever the entire night, which can be particularly annoying if they're scary or causing you anxiety. If you've wondered about the actual length of an average dream, you certainly earned alone there are lot of mysterious questions. About Dreams and researchers are still trying to learn to answer what science does know of Audrey Muniz. This dreams are basically a mental exercise happens while someone is sleeping dreams occur during rapid eye movement Aram part of sleep, which accounts about twenty percent of the night. No one really knows exactly why we dream there are a lot of theories out there according to some researchers dreams exist to process intense emotions or facilitate consolidation of emotional memories. Some believe that dreams help. Show. US. Daytime threats. So the can learn how to avoid them or show US counterfactual simulations today time events so that we can learn lessons. There are also researchers who don't think dreams exists for any reason at all really they just do and what are nightmares nightmare scary or terrifying dreams that typically occur in Rams sleep and leave the dream of shaken or disturbed to some extent upon waking some researchers maintain that for a dream to be a nightmare at has. To be disturbing enough to awaken the dreamer other experts point out that many non scary dreams erotic. Sad nostalgic creative spiritual can be intense enough to awaken the dreamer also. So now let's take this full circle. What is one of the key factors would wake you up answer over stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system and what is para sympathetic rebound but the delayed reaction to the Para sympathetic nervous system to over stimulation perhaps if you dream you die but wake up. In a coal sweat there simply wasn't enough extreme long-term stress to cause para sympathetic rebound but could you be scared to death by a nightmare? The answer is a resounding. Yes and they're sleepless in Seattle is a repeat of my nightmare

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