Soap - The Key To Building Hotel Brand Loyalty



A great idea for how hotels can continue building brand loyalty even whilst they guest on able to travel to stay with them. Send them a bar soap. And I'm not even joking as you know I used to travel quite a bit before this covid. Nineteen. On. Every six months of the year it'd be on the road and I'm lucky that a lot of those times was staying Nice hotels and so whatever I stayed in a nice hotel and came across an ice bar or so nick, I took a with. and. As a result of that, I had a great collection of soaps at home. I can't remember the last time I actually had the by soap for my house in fact, even if I was traveling and I knew I was staying in a not so nice hotel I'll take one of the nice spas of site that I had at home and take that with me just to sort of pretend that I was staying in a nice hotel. So I guess I'll become a bit of a soap but because I haven't been traveling for the last six months. The other day. I'd run out of sight. So I had to go by a bar soap at the supermarket. I hate it. And it made me think about all those little buys asleep sitting in hotel storerooms, housekeeping storms all over the world not being used. Now I know they're not necessarily going to expire anytime soon. But think about the message. It would send me if a hotel semi nice little packet of two or three of the soaps the imagine the impact that would make a little note from the housekeeper all from the the general manager or somebody. Now I understand that we're trying to move towards sokoll reusing trying to get away from single use packaging bought a lot of hotels still undoing doing it, and whilst we're not doing it, why don't make the most out of it from a marketing perspective why don't get a little bit of mocking value and brand loyalty value added so if you are in The luxury hotel game particularly, and if you've got those nice little soaps, I would be going back through your database of guests, your regular repeat guests and see what it's GonNa cost you to Realistically Send Bauer to soap with a nice little night to the guest and saying missing you wish you were here can't wait to see you back. I actually think it would have a massive impact much better than promotional deals much better than advertising much better than any social media campaign. You can think of go directly to the gifts that you know love the brand build that brand loyalty while they're staying at home. I

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