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You grew up from my understanding in nineteen fifties sixties Liverpool. So can post war, which was also pretty interesting time and Liverpool. Yeah ours born in Nineteen fifty. In Liverpool. And was it was a? Is a city that had been devastated and the second world. War. In the middle of the nineteenth century, Liverpool was the probably the most important port in the world something like sixty percent of world trade what through the port of Liverpool side of empire. Realizes at much high to the British empire and it was the main point of entry for all the goods that were coming from the southern states to feed the the Mills of Lancashire. It was the hydrogen industrial revolution. So it was a huge import export trade. It was the of departure to the United States and also to far-flung parts. The Empire. If you had been around the pool in the. Mid To late nineteenth century defined this bustling port huge wealth great open parklands, magnificent houses, and know the metropolis Greg. Colton Center. When I was born in Nineteen fifty, it was none of that in the the docks were pretty much faltering the the passenger ships going from there anymore was international. Travel and empire collapsed so and battered by the lava. So we literally playing in bomb craters and in the austerity of Post War Britain wet food was rationed than we had. high levels of unemployment poverty I WANNA set in kids and. my dad had been unemployed for long time because of the situation generally unlivable. I Australia recently to my own kids about their life you know that that does children. You've no real. Grasp of what's going through your parents minds. That we took, we had a great childhood Safah's we're concerned we grew up playing in the streets of the full. we didn't have feel for. With every day only about a great family my dad was one of five kids. So we had. Lots of family on his side cousins and uncles. My Mom was one of Sutton in heck six girls and a boy she had giant fan found when we gather together, there were to be hundreds of his daughter actions and liberals very funny place I. REMEMBER GROWING UP A. Laugh in good times and but a call sweet new. Later on my parents, you know coping with only problems you have coming from, you know with unemployment and an economy there but they didn't let us know but. Did. You ever go back and and speak to them that what it was like for them that time curious. Yeah. Well, the thing is that. I was I was born nineteen fifty, a couple of things happened. the tech would be turning points. One was that. In one, thousand, nine, hundred, fifty, full, I got polio, which is. Endemic at the time there was A. Massive. International crisis around the spread of polio virus. So I called it around the time that Sulk came up with the vaccine. But not quite in time read. and. Until then my father was convinced, I was going to be the soccer player in the family. We grew right next auto evidence football ground, which is one of the main teams in countries. So he was convinced I was Gonna be the soccer player. So I was strong and fast and Anita, told me trauma had a great sense of Boll Control and he thought this is the one fan. My youngest brother Neil eventually went on to be professional soccer. Yeah, I'm played for evison. In fact, he my brother John were taken on by the team Neil persisted with John lack the life of it less. So yes, I got poed and that was Devastating. For the family members a kid you don't have a word I've devastating it is, but you can imagine now a spokesman about it. Later on, you can imagine your own four year old kid completely paralyze stretched out. Bad. Surrounded by sandbags, NICO overnight from being perfectly fit to being completely wiped out. And some kids didn't make it a total. So is in hospital for eight months when it came out on to braces and we will chat crutches and. I was tremendously cute. I have to say. Often, me money spontaneously in the street. So that was a big thing obviously for the whole family are seventy the only one in the whole family to get it So that was bad for them. A memoir of a friend of Mine God's. Cycle Colston rankin saved the day save is to Kensington this particular thing in the Standard on very well at his own haulage business. And my dad had been. A professional soccer player himself he'd. Run. PUBS. And have been very successful, but then the wall intervened and. he was being offered the to be the manager of this. Very successful pub, but he was then passed over by the brewers in favor of a well-known sock play who was looking to manage a pump. So. My Dad had to work a DACA long showman and. But there's whole period of unemployment than Stettin Christmases, looming and literally Christmas Eve. This guy stand rankin. Showed up at the highest where the become full of food. Tacky. Presents for us that hasn't been anything. There was just wondering how Christians tiny show with a tool. So ready for like a Father Christmas. Jonathan's exaggerated. Wasn't that we lived in abject poverty. But it was difficult for them. You know we. And we went as aware of it but but it was it was hard for them and then. In Nineteen fifty-nine. Madonna was back at work and had an industrial accident. He was what Mrs Stihler actor. And he broke his neck I'll he was Completely paralyzed. quadraplegic quadriplegic paralyzed from the neck down. To won't morning. This wooden beam they're working on fell thirty feet the rope snapped and broke his neck. Oh,

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