Community mourns fallen Seattle-area Officer Jonathan Shoop


Grows in Bothell for the police officer, Jonathan Shoop, who was shot and killed in the line of duty. Monday night, Cuomo's Joe Marino visited the site, candles, messages and Mementos stretch across the plaza in front of both awful City Hall. The community came to mourn the death of Officer Jonathan Shoop. It was really early Jackie needed always really good guy. Greg Opal says he and Shupe would often talk sometimes about his dog, Lucy. You see it the bark and a bull over and come out and say at a Lucy just loved the dog and Only this chat. People filled the plaza throughout the day, and parents brought their Children as they paid their respects. We tend to come together pretty Pretty well when tough times comes so that I'll bring him down and support the police down here. Investigators say Shoop and his partner were chasing a driver who took off from a traffic stop. The driver got out after hitting a man on the road, then walked toward the patrol car and started firing a gun into the windshield, and a second officer survived the shooting.

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